Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smokey Mountain Lacquer Fun in the Sun Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I've got the upcoming Fun in the Sun Collection from Smokey Mountain Lacquer to show you all today. You can tell that Kim, the creative genius behind Smokey Mountain Lacquer, had a lot of fun creating this collection. Each color is like a piece of summer in a bottle. I may not be a fan of summer, the beach, or heat in general, but I sure as hell can appreciate some beautiful polish when I see it! Keep reading to see swatches of these beauties!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Philly Loves Lacquer The Bright Stuff, Baby Collection Swatch and Review

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I'm not feeling so hot today. That circle of life shit is going know the one...kid goes to school, gets sick, comes home and requires snuggles from mommy, then mommy ends up sick. Horrible coughing, sore throat, throbbing sinuses, and congested chest has taken over my house. My husband is treating us like we have leprosy. Better for everyone though, almost nothing is worse than a sick man. 

To cheer myself up, how about some neons?! Philly Loves Lacquer will be releasing her The Bright Stuff, Baby Collection (Yes, each one is a boy band pun!) on June 1st. However, starting today through May 31st, the full collection will be available to pre-order. No better time to show off these pretties! Let's hop to it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Super Moon Lacquer Ready to Launch Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**

Today, I have the pleasure of showing you all the space inspired Ready to Launch Collection from Super Moon Lacquer. Super Moon Lacquer was created by The Howling Boutique, a jewelry maker from Texas. She started making polish for her jewelry. She had so much fun creating the polish for her jewelry, she decided to reformulate and make polish to actually be worn. She took her time and found the right formula. Sure enough, she killed it! Each of these polishes have wonderful formulas, smooth application, and you can totally see her inspirations in each polish. Keep reading to find out more, and see what Super Moon Lacquer has in store for you!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Literary Lacquers Miscellaneous Swatch and Review

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We are going to start this week off on a fun note! I've got eight miscellaneous beauties from Literary Lacquer to show off today. This isn't an upcoming collection or anything special, just some polishes she sent from already released collections for me to give some extra attention to. I've got a lot to show you, and a sick kid to take care of, so we are going to jump right in.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Pretty and Polished Hoosier Horizon for CrellyCrate Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
Today, I've got a special polish to show you all. There is a Facebook group called Crazy 4 Crellies. It is filled with several people who love crellies. Some of the groups similar to this one have makers create customs for them. These crazies went above and beyond that and decided to create the #CrellyCrate. One price, one box, 5 limited edition crellies...what more could you ask for?! The theme for this inaugural box is Lazy Summer Days and Hot Summer Nights. With Summer approaching, it's the perfect theme to help with the transition. The five creative geniuses behind this first #CrellyCrate are: Lolita Lacquer, Dollish Polish, Pretty & Polished, The Polish Bar, and Love, Angeline. I was not sent the entire box, but I have Pretty & Polished's contribution to show you all. I haven't seen the other four, but if this one is any indication on what the others will be like, you all are in for a treat!