Friday, February 26, 2016

Faeries and Folklore Nail Polish St. Patty's Day Trio Swatch and Review

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The other day I showed you all the Some Kind of Equestrian Duo and the group custom from Faeries & Folklore Nail Polish. Today, I've got swatches of her upcoming St Patty's Day Trio. This trio screams St. Patrick's Day...all green and gold and rainbows. For those of you who aren't huge fans of green, this is gonna be your St. Patrick's Day trio!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Break Survival Kit Swatch and Review

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I've got a fun box to show you all today. I needed a little fun. If you regularly read my blog, you know my family has been fighting the flu. Well, the kiddo begged me to take her to the doctor yesterday. Sadly, she's got the flu but they couldn't do anything. So, we are just waiting it out. Last night our area had a horrible storm and tornado watches. When your kid is trying to sleep and feel better a huge storm keeping them awake is the last thing you want. I swear we can't catch a break. 

Back to the fun...I've got the Spring Break Survival Kit to show you all. This box consists of 4 polishes, liquid tape, cuticle oil, toe separators, a glass nail file, some water slide decals, and a cute make up bag to carry it all in. Black Label Nails put the whole thing together, and boy did she get some great ladies to work with her on this! Keep reading to find out more!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren's Lament and Blue-Blood Brownstone Swatch and Review

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I've got a couple upcoming beauties from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer to show you all today. I have to keep this short and sweet. I'm still feeling pretty bad from the flu I had last week. I can't shake this cough and I'm still incredibly light-headed. To top it all off, I had to go get the kiddo from school yesterday due to a 104.4 fever. I just need this crud to leave my house. It seems to have been hovering over us for a month. Coming and going...picking and choosing who it pounces on and when. 

The two polishes from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer are from two of her regular series'. The first is her newest polish from her Siren Series, and the second is her half of the newest Destination Duo. Both of these are stunning...I can't wait to show them off so let's jump into it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LE Polish St. Patty's Day Duo Swatch and Review

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I hope you are all in the mood for some green today!! I've got LE Polish's upcoming St. Patty's Day Duo to show you all. This duo is named after the Dropkick Murphys song Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced. I've included the song for you to listen to as you're browsing the photos and reading. I'm a big fan of greens and these did not disappoint. We are going to keep this short and sweet because I'm finally feeling better so I have a lot of swatching to catch up on. For now...GREEN POLISH!!! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Faeries and Folklore Nail Polish Some Kind of Equestrian Duo Swatch and Review

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I've got a new (to me) indie to show you all today. Not only is it new to me, but it's pretty new to everyone. Faeries & Folklore Nail Polish opened up shop in November of 2015. She sent me several polishes to review over the next week. Today, I've got three of them on the blog. The first two are her Some Kind of Equestrian Duo, and the other is a group custom for the fans in her Facebook fan group. So, go join the fan group, and keep reading to see more from Faeries & Folklore Nail Polish.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sassy Pants Polish Winter Trio Swatch and Review

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I was going to have this post up on Monday, then I woke up with the flu. I never left my bedroom until Friday afternoon. My munchkin even ended up staying home from school Friday with a fever. It's not been a good week for the NWP household. Even the hubs is away at work and sick as a dog. I couldn't walk to the bathroom without almost fainting. I have no idea how he is working as hard as he does for as long as he does with the flu. This is the first time I think I've ever had the flu, and I do NOT want it again. 

I'm no where near back to 100%, but with hubs being away, I had to actually leave my room to walk the dog and take care of the kiddo. It was too much for me to walk up and down the stairs, so munchkin and I snuggled on the couch for a bit before I found the energy to type this up. 

Today, I've got the Winter Trio from Sassy Pants Polish to show you all today. I was first introducted to Sassy Pants Polish when I reviewed the Puppy Love Box. I was very excited when she asked me to review her Winter Trio as well. As I was unwrapping them, my daughter was reading the names, and she squealed with excitement. The Winter Trio is inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story "The Snow Queen". It is the story that the Disney movie Frozen was loosely based on. If you're not familiar with the work of Hans Christian Anderson, I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with his stories. They are absolutely beautiful.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Frenzy's Anniversary Box Swatch and Review

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Frenzy Polish is turning 1!!! Hard to believe it's already been a year. To celebrate, she's gotten some other makers to contribute to Frenzy's Anniversary Box (what what I've been calling FAB). 5 makers, 4 polishes, 2 melts, 1 sheet of decals. In addition to Frenzy Polish, the box includes: Turtle Tootsie Polish, Virago Varnish, Lollipop Posse Lacquer, MidWest Lacquer, and Green Goddess Creations. These ladies came together and made something fantastic! It's only available for pre-order for 2 days...don't miss out on these!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Polish Addict Nail Color Winter Collection Swatch and Review

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I've got the lovely Winter Collection from Polish Addict Nail Color to show you all today. The Winter Collection consists of 5 sheer, but buildable, crellies...each filled with a fun glitter combination. I love dark polishes, but I really do appreciate soft shades as well. And they are crellies! So there's that. I've got the kiddo home for a snow day so we are going to get to it...I have an afternoon filled with dance parties and board games to get to.

Monday, February 8, 2016

MidWest Lacquer February MidWest Monthly Limited Edition Secret Heart Swatch and Review

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December got a little crazy for MidWest Lacquer and she totally forgot to release a January limited edition polish. Well, she's back with something incredibly special for February. I've got swatches of the tantalizing Secret Heart to show you all today. Secret Heart is fitting because I totally forgot she told me it was a thermal until I put it on. Thank goodness my nails were as warm as they were otherwise I wouldn't have seen a change. This on is really pretty, guys, are you sure you are ready for this? Well, I might still be hung up on her last one, Finnity, but Secret Heart is truly something special.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Magic 8 Box March 2016 Swatch and Review

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Who is ready for an 80's love song sing-a-long?! Yeah, get ready, because you're about to have a whole lotta ear worms up in your head. I was invited to swatch and review the March 2016 Magic 8 Box. March's theme is 80's love songs. What a fantastic theme they chose! Also, are you noticing anything different? Yeah, there are 8 polishes in that picture, and yes, that says Magic 8 Box. The Beauty Quartet Box is no more. These wonderful ladies had so much fun with them, they decided to expand. Every box will contain polishes from Philly Loves LacquerSmokey Mountain LacquerMy Indie Polish, and Rica. They will invite 4 other indies to join in each box. This time around they brought in Delush PolishPipe Dream PolishNative War Paints, and ALIQUID Lacquer. I, for one, am loving this change. The more the merrier I like to say! 

Well, let's jump right in...this post is a doozy! I've also included videos so you all can sing and dance while you browse and check your bank accounts. Beware of being Rick Rolled...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Supernatural Lacquer Once Upon a Villain Collection

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I'm showing you all my first pretties from Supernatural Lacquer today. Not a new brand, but a new to me brand. She sent me a cuticle oil and her upcoming Once Upon a Villain Collection to review. What a wonderful collection to be introduced to a brand! The Once Upon a Villain Collection is inspired by five of everyone's favorite animated Disney villains: Maleficent, Hades, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, and the Evil Queen. Stefanie, the creative genius behind Supernatural Lacquer, did a wonderful job embracing these characters, and bottling their essence.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Love Angeline Whiskey Swatch and Review

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Back in December, a wonderful, dear friend sent me this Love Angeline beauty as a birthday present. She knows I'm a sucker for mattes and browns. This was all right up my alley. I'm in the middle of a huge swatch fest, and I had this one done. Since new stuff hasn't been edited yet, I knew I had to show it off. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Winter is Closing In Trio Swatch and Review

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I'm back people!!! UGH! That was one hell of a week! Well, my husband, daughter and I had an amazing trip to NYC! Will tell you a bit about that after the jump with some pictures. After that, though, I've got the gorgeous Winter is Closing In Trio from Lollipop Posse Lacquer to show you all today! I wanted to have this post up sooner, but Photobucket was holding my pictures hostage. I wasn't able to do any extra swatching due to schools being closed all week. Well, school is back in session and I'll be swatching up a storm this week. I have some AMAZING things on my desk just waiting to be shown off. There is also several things I'm waiting on that are still in USPS limbo due to the snow storm. Fingers crossed things shape up soon.