Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Turtle Tootsie Polishes 2nd Anniversary Trio Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
How is June already almost over?! I really don't understand how this year just seems to be flying past when last year never seemed to end. Well, it seems it is already time to celebrate Turtle Tootsie Polishes' second anniversary. I love her traditional inspirations and unconventional colors for the 2nd Anniversary Trio. You can't go wrong! This trio will be limited edition. Once everything is sold out they won't be restocked. The 2nd Anniversary Trio won't be available until July 1st, but I get to show them to you today! Keep reading to see more!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Literary Lacquer June 2017 Releases Swatch and Review

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Hi all! I'm sorry about my random absence last week. Shortly after publishing my post last Monday, I got the call that my grandfather had died. I immediately went into self preservation mode and did everything I could to keep busy and not lose it in front of my daughter. I didn't want to worry her until my husband and I could talk to her together. It's never easy. This wasn't the first loss in our family, but it hit us all pretty hard. He had been in pain for a long time, so I'm glad he is not in pain any longer. At the same time, I'm just so sad I didn't get to see him one last time. It was nice to see family and be able to introduce my husband and daughter to so many family members that they hadn't met before. I guess it was bittersweet. I was going to try to continue to post last week, but laundry and cleaning took over and prepping for the trip took my mind off things. I missed you all, and I got a little behind, but it was what needed to be done.

Now, that I'm back, we are going to dive right in. Literary Lacquers released many beautiful polishes on Friday, and I have a few of them to show you all today. Well, six to be exact, but no where near all the polishes that were released. Be glad I don't have them all to show you though because it would be so hard to choose! Trust me! Go check out the ones I have for you though. Not a bad one in the bunch!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Little Black Dress Nail Polish Prom King and Queen Duo Swatch and Review

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I've got a beautiful blue duo from Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer to show you all today. These two blue beauties make up the Prom King & Queen Duo. About the inspiration she says, "My son's girlfriend's mother requested a custom polish to go with her daughter's prom gown so my inspiration was born, and the duo came to be. The colors were a hit so I decided to produce and market them. Much to our delight, the couple were crowned prom king and queen so I needed no imagination to come up with the names, lol.". I love that all of this came together so perfectly with the inspiration and names. It's not often things just happen that like. Let's get to it!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Paitra's Polish Swatch Spam Swatch and Review

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I've got a new (to me) brand to show you all today! Paitra's Polish sent me a set of her newest beauties to review and show off to you all today. How I haven't heard of this brand before...I have no idea. After trying these, I definitely want more. I adore the formulas! This isn't a full collection or anything, but just some new additions to her shop. Take a peek at these, then go check out what is in her shop! you won't be sorry!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

OPI California Dreaming Partial Collection Swatch and Review

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OPI recently sent me half of their California Dreaming Collection to swatch and review. I have been head over heels for this collection since I first saw it. A beautiful group of colors that wonderfully represents the Golden State. OPI was my first love way back when I was 13. The first polishes I ever purchased were from my local Claire's. They just didn't do what I needed/wanted them to do. I saved up and bought some OPI polishes and have been hooked ever since. Not once have they ever let me down. It's been a very long time since I purchased that first OPI polish, but I'm still impressed with what they put out. I love that they treated this collection like a map for a road trip. I'm so very excited to show these to you. Perfect Summer basics.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Indie Polish The Pinks! Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Sorry to leave you all hanging there for a couple days. I was held captive by a migraine on Monday. It was not a good time. Then, when I was feeling better, something was messed up and I wasn't able to add any photos to a post. Luckily, that all turned around and I'm now able to finally show off the upcoming The Pinks! Collection from My Indie Polish. The Pinks! Collection is something special! Tanya doesn't normally make pink polishes, but she was inspired by the clown, Empress Cherry Sunday to create this collection, and one after another they fell into place. I'm so glad she kept going, because these turned out so fantastical! This set of six pretty pinks is available to pre-order now, so keep reading, and I apologize now cause you're going to want all of these.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Daily Hues Nail Polish Carol and New Beginnings Swatch and Review

**Nothing to Disclose**

It's my kid's last day of school today. I'm not crying...I swear. I can't believe when she gets off the bus she will be a 3rd grader. Well, I'm keeping it short and sweet today because I'm an emotional wreck and wallowing in my misery until she gets home and I can squeeze her and force her not to grow up anymore. 

Anyway, I'm showing you all 2 polishes I snagged when Daily Hues Nail Lacquer announced she was closing up shop. I've had these for sometime and just never got around to swatching them until recently. I'm sorry they are not available anymore, but you can still enjoy their beauty. And you never know when you'll find them on blog sales or destashes.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tonic Nail Polish Come Wander Swatch and Review

**Nothing to disclose**
I'm keeping things short and sweet today. My kid's last day of school is tomorrow, but today I have her 4th quarter awards ceremony to attend, then I'll be helping set up her class picnic and helping run the games. I only have about 40 min between dropping her off at the bus stop and the time I have to be there. Yesterday's post was long enough though. haha 

Not long ago, Tonic Nail Polish released a new collection. Every last one of them was gorgeous, but, since I couldn't afford the whole set, there was one that stood out that I just HAD to have. Surprisingly, it is still available. Of course I had to show it off. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PolishCon NYC 2017 Purchases Swatch and Review

**Nothing to disclose**
Keeping this intro short and sweet. I showed you all everything I got in my VIP bag from PolishCon a couple weeks ago. Now, I'm showing you all the beautiful polishes I was able to snag at the event. I was so overwhelmed, but somehow I was able to find incredible deals and narrow down my choices. So many of what I purchased is still available. Go take a peek! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mace Polish Rainbows and Glitter Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I love when I get to show you all new brands. Whether they are new to all or just new to me, it is fun introducing people to new pretties that could bring them some joy. The brand I get to show you all today is new to me. I give you Mace Polish and her Rainbows & Glitter Collection. The Rainbows & Glitter Collection is a set of 8 neons, a glitter, and a clear watermarbling polish all inspired by classic Lisa Frank pictures. Tis the time for neons so why not milk nostalgia too?! For the first time trying this brand, I was wonderfully impressed. Don't take my word for it...go take a peek for yourselves!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Cameo Colours Lacquers Cinco de Cameo Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
I can't believe it is already time to celebrate Cameo Colours Lacquers' fifth anniversary! She wanted to create something special for you all to celebrate but was having issues trying to come up with that perfect polish. I mentioned she should draw inspiration from a photo we had commissioned from Manna's Manis. We talked to the lady who put it together and she loved the idea. After tossing ideas back and forth Cinco de Cameo is what she came up with. The name is fitting because it is a party in a bottle. Keep reading to find out more!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Polish My Life Summer '17 Collection Swatch and Review

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Well, we made it! It's Friday!! I thought we'd celebrate with a whole lot of sparkle! I received the Summer '17 Collection from Polish My Life to review and swatch for you all. I first tried this brand when I got some goodies from her in my PolishCon NYC 2017 VIP bag. I was crazy impressed with the polish and the wonderful hand & cuticle cream. When she asked me to swatch her new collection I was floored with excitement. The Summer '17 Collection is a simple set of four polishes with a big bang of sparkle. Keep'll see!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bad Bitch Polish June Birthstone Duo Swatch and Review

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How in the hell is it already June? You guys, I'm not okay with this. That means summer will be here in no time. I'm not ready for the heat. I need my cold weather back. Well, at least it's time for Bad Bitch Polish's June Birthstone Duo! The birthstone for June is alexandrite. AND ALL THE PURPLE LOVERS REJOICE!! Her birthstone duos always make me so happy. Then you throw purple into the mix and there's no way this can be bad. Keep reading to see these beauties doing what they do best...lookin' good!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Necessary Evil Polish Galactic Collection Partial Swatch and Review

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New indie alert!! Deep down, I love when a new indie pops up. Especially one that shows a lot of of potential right off the bat. Necessary Evil Polish is one of those brands. At the first stroke, I couldn't believe this was a new indie. The packaging is adorable! The skull stickers may seem a little dark, but they go with the name so well. I think it's a playful touch. Each order will get the fun, squishy skeleton too! Definitely a learning curve, because the pink tissue paper my polish was wrapped in stained my skeleton. He looked all tie-dyed so my kid stole it almost immediately. She loved it! I had to steal it back just to take the above photo. I know you're ready to get a look at, keep reading!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Polish Pickup My Stunning Nails Conch Shell Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
Have you heard of Polish Pickup yet? It's a new-ish group that votes on a theme and then several brands create polishes inspired by pictures regarding that theme. It really is a great concept! Well, for the month of June, the theme is Under the Sea. The makers could take that whatever way they wanted. I have My Stunning Nails' contribution to show you all today! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

PolishCon NYC 2017 VIP Bag Swatch and Review

**Nothing to disclose**
As many of you know, I attended the NYC 2017 PolishCon back at the end of April. It was an amazing day, and you know what...I have zero photos to show for it. I'm a horrible blogger. I had so much fun meeting people and shopping, but I so rarely take selfies I didn't even think twice about taking pictures with everyone. The lighting was so bad, I wasn't sure any photos I took of booths would even show up. So, I enjoyed my day and lived in the moment. If you want to see pictures about the event, go check out the blog posts at The Jedi WifeThe Polished HippyQueenofNails83Beauty Judy, and Krystal Emery gave us two posts: one at her blog Polish Galore, and another for Nail It! Magazine.

I may not have taken any photos at the event, but I sure as hell took pictures of the VIP bag that came with my ticket. Ready to get a look at what was in my bag? And, yes, I swatched all the polishes for you! Let's get to it!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pretty Jelly Deep Sea Jelly Collection Swatch and Review

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I showed you all the beautiful Who Tells Your Story Collection from Pretty Jelly that I got for my birthday in December. Well, next week, Pretty Jelly is releasing her Deep Sea Jelly Collection. This is a set of 8 squishy jellies filled with holo flakes. Each one is inspired by a different jellyfish. I all makes so much sense. The word "jelly" is in the name of her brand. They are jelly polishes. Why not jellyfish? Go ahead...keep know you can't wait to see these!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Darling Diva Polish Mythical Pee Collection

**Press Samples**
I have WAY too may pictures in this post, but you'll see why in a moment. I'm not going to chew your ears off here...keeping it short and sweet.

We all have a soft spot when we see pretties with a gorgeous shift. I think most of us started that love with either Clarins 230 or Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. Then, indies started to get in on the fun. Some of that shifty pigment is harder to obtain than others, but Darling Diva Polish worked some magic, got several pigments, and created a whole collection. The nickname for this pigment always came back to "pee". Therefore, this collection is called the Mythical Pee Collection. The Mythical Pee Collection is a set of 11 polishes filled with shifty goodness. One is a mix of a ton of amazing things (it is a limited edition), five are straight up shifts, and the other five are holo versions of those shifts. Check them out, and I dare you not to fall in love!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rica Your Feminism is Showing Collection Swatch and Review

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After family illnesses, Rica is back!! I am so glad too! She's been missed. Right before everyone in her family got sick, she teased us with a feminist inspired collection. A few indies have gone this route lately, and well...can you blame them? I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of them too! Rica's Your Feminism is Showing Collection is no exception! It's a simple, 5-piece, collection with a mix of finishes and some great names! The Your Feminism is Showing Collection is available now. No waiting! So keep reading to see swatches and decide exactly which ones you're going to grab!

Monday, May 22, 2017

LynBDesigns June 2017 Duo and Beautiful Mistakes Swatch and Review

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Since LynBDesigns just finished a've now got a few days to recover before the next release and her Memorial Day sale. I know...she just had a release a couple weeks ago. This is a lighter release though. She's pushing out her June 2017 Monthlies a little early and releasing a new set of Beautiful Mistakes. The Throwback of the Month and Polish of the Month will be available all of June, but the Beautiful Mistakes are one and done limited editions. If you see one you want...snag it! You don't know if it will be available again...although...with the Throwback of the Month feature...she just might use that as a sign if one needs to find its way back. I've got both of the June 2017 Monthlies as well as all of the Beautiful Mistakes to show you today. Be prepared for a super fun mixture of things.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Pretty Jelly Who Tells Your Story Collection Swatch and Review

**Nothing to Disclose**
I've got a long post for you all today. I'm going to keep the chatter to a minimum so you can focus on all the gorgeous polishes. I was given the Pretty Jelly Who Tells Your Story Collection for my birthday. It was a darling surprise from my husband and daughter. It took me a while to swatch them...but that doesn't mean I didn't wear them yet. If you didn't already know, my family and I are huge Broadway fans. We were even able to snag tickets to see Hamilton in January. You bet your ass I wore a few of them when we saw the show. I'm so excited to be able to finally show you! They are still available to purchase, so get your wish lists ready! They're about to grow!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bluebird Lacquer for Hella Holo Customs Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Today's post is full of mystery. I have three polishes to show you all that are currently a part of the May 2017 Hella Holo Customs release. These are special polishes that you can only purchase if you're a member of the Facebook group, Hella Holo Customs. It's so super secret, so about all I can do is show you pictures and tell you where to join. There are two brands being featured for the May 2017 release: Great Lakes Lacquer and Bluebird Lacquer. I've got the three pretties from Bluebird Lacquer to show you all today. You guys...these are pretty incredible. Keep reading to check them out!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection Swatch and Review

**Received from Preen.Me**
I've got a lot to show you today, so we are going to keep this short and sweet. I recently received the Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection from Preen.Me. The collection is a set of six summer ready creams that you can wear on their own or easily use together for some bright and cheerful nail art. They even sent a selfie stick so I could capture some fun moments while wearing the Selfie Summer Collection. Go check it out!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crystal Knockout Rebranding Swatch Spam and Review

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I've got a ton of swatch spam from Crystal Knockout to show you all today! Crystal Knockout used to be DazzleGlaze. She went through a brand change and is back in full force! No new collections yet, but I've got a ton of her stock to remind you of. Crelly lovers be prepared for your wish list to grow! I've got a ton of them to show you. Go check them out!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer Holy Shift Trio Swatch and Review

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You ready for some more shifty goodness today?! I've got the Holy Shift Trio from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer reviewed on the blog today. The Holy Shift Trio was available to pre-order a couple weeks ago, but it will be released to the public in just a few hours. No waiting involved. So, if you thought you missed out on these before, no worries. These three gorgeous polishes are brilliant for year-round wear! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sugar Flor Enchanted Treasure Collection Swatch and Review

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Do any of you remember the brand Windestine? I loved the few polishes I had from her and was so sad when she closed up shop three years ago. Well, she has rebranded and is now Sugar Flor! When she contacted me and told me I was so happy!! Then, the polishes arrived and I was blown away by how gorgeous these are. This isn't her first collection back, but I wasn't aware of her return until she contacted me. The collection I have to show you all today is the Enchanted Treasure Collection. Four beautiful crellies dancing with gold glitter. Keep reading to find out more!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bad Bitch Polish Salty Bitch Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
This weekend is The Indie Shop in California! Oh, I wish I could go! However, I don't think I'm still fully recovered from PolishCon yet. I will live vicariously through Britt at Bad Bitch Polish though. She goes to the Cali Indie Shop event every year and always lets me know what polishes I missed out on by not being there. For now, I get to show you the new collection that she will be launching at Indie Shop on Saturday. This is the Salty Bitch Collection. A set of six neon-esque pastel cremes that stamp. The theme for this year's Cali Indie Shop is candy shop. She took inspiration from that to give us these salt water taffy inspired pretties! Keep reading to check them out!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crystal's Charity Lacquers Fair Maiden Polish Keep S'Myelin Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I have a special post for you all today. Fair Maiden Polish and Different Dimension have teamed up with Crystal's Charity Lacquers to bring awareness for MS. While both brands are working with Crystal's Charity Lacquers this month, I only have the polish from Fair Maiden Polish to show you all today. It's MS Month in Canada. This one is definitely near and dear to Crystal's heart, as she has had to watch her mother battle MS for over 30 years. Crystal will be doing the MS Walk so the donations will be made via her fundraising for the walk this month. Keep reading to find out more!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LynBDesigns May Monthly Limited Editions Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I'm still having a hard time believing it's May already. But, it's that means I have both of the polish of the months for May 2017 from LynBDesigns to show you all today. One is a Polish of the Month, something she created just for this, and the other is a Throwback of the Month, a retired polish that was voted on in her Facebook fan group, LynB Loves, to come back. The beauties for this month are really something special. I'm not going to keep you here, keep scrolling to see these in action!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Anonamaker Box Cameo Colours Lacquers I Feel Petty, Oh So Petty Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
If you've been living under a rock, you might not have been aware that the fourth edition of the Anonamaker Box was available to pre-order. If you've been under that rock for quite sometime, the Anonamaker Box is a box with 5 full sized polishes and some extras. All the items are anonymous though. You don't really know what polish goes with what maker until you get the box...or others start spoiling it for you. Well, since it has been spoiled by some who have received their boxes, I finally get to show you my swatch of one of the polishes from the fourth edition. Yes, only one polish from me. This is I Feel Petty, Oh So Petty from Cameo Colours Lacquers. Keep reading to find out more!

Friday, May 5, 2017

LynBDesigns Neon Dream Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! It's time for neons!!! Oh, I've been waiting for this. My problem...I crave neons during the winter months. No one releases neons then. Shame on you all! Someone needs to be different and hold out a bit. Just saying. For now, I have the stunning 9 piece Neon Dream Collection from LynBDesigns. Some of these are dusted with holo, some have holographic flakes in them. They aren't just basic creams. These colors are incredible though! These will be available tonight so browse through and make notes on what you're going to want. Yes, she will have a 50% off code so you can stock up! Let's dive in!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cameo Colours Lacquers Floral Feelings Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
It's finally time for a new collection from Cameo Colours Lacquers!! She may not do several releases, but she she does one they are incredibly perfect. The Floral Feelings Collection is no exception. There's a funny story behind these. Cameo is one who seriously has, at the very least, 200 bottles in testing mode. She likes to come up with many different things and allow them to set for at least 9 months before pulling for collections, boxes, or customs. There was one polish she couldn't wait for. She pulled the rose gold and started wearing it around Christmas. She was itching for a rose gold and this was the only one that would do. She even named it. I told her she was crazy cause it was going to make coming up with a collection name and other polish names difficult. She pulled the other three polishes that she wanted to complete the collection then came to me very confused on names. For whatever reason, the first thing that popped into my mind ended up being perfect! I told her it was missing a little something and we came up with the 5th one together. All-in-all, we are both super happy with how the Floral Feelings Collection turned out! I've hated having to wait until after PolishCon to show it to let's get to it!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Kiki Collections Part 1 and Part 2 Swatch and Review

**Nothing to disclose**

I am doing a quick post today to show you seven matte polishes that everyone needs in their stash! Like you need to go buy them as soon as you're done reading this post. If you don't already have them...get them now! 

Lollipop Posse Lacquer has released two separate collections inspired by the song Let's Have a Kiki by Scissor Sisters. There was no way I could pass these up! I purchased both of these collections (minus the glitter topper from the first collection). She released the first one, Christmas Kiki Collection, for the holidays last winter, and the second one, Kiki Vol 2 Collection, was released just a couple weeks ago. I cannot rave about these enough. Keep reading to see why!

Source (NSFW - language)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sweet Heart Polish Magical Memories Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**

You guys, Sweet Heart Polish is back!! She took a little time to focus on her LuLaRoe business but realized she missed her polish family too. If there is anything you need to know about Cassandra, the lady behind Sweet Heart Polish, it's that she is a Disney freak! When looking for inspiration for her next collection, the fact that the Main Street Electrical Parade had just returned to Disneyland was a great place to start. Not only that, but there is a version of this parade at several of the Disney theme parks around the world. Why settle on just one of the parades? Keep reading to see swatches of the Magical Memories Collection!! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Zoya Charming Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I'm in recovery from PolishCon. I went to bed super early last night and now it feels like there isn't enough coffee world to pull me together today. I figured we would keep it sweet and simple, and I will finally be able to show you all the stunning Charming Collection from Zoya. The Charming Collection is a set of three cremes and three shimmers that are staples for spring. There is even a new lippie shade that I'll be raving about. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bad Bitch Polish May Birthstone Duo Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Every month Bad Bitch Polish releases a duo inspired by that month's birthstone. I've shown you all a couple of them since the beginning of the year. Today, just might be my favorite one! If you're a regular reader, you know I love green polishes! I have a soft spot for them no matter the shade. The May Birthstone Duo is inspired by the emerald and everything about these make my heart jump for joy! You'll be able to snag these on Monday so keep reading to find out more about these and to see swatches!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Leesha's Lacquer Ojibwe Fairytale Glitters Collection and Jellies from Outer Space II Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**

I'm keeping this short and simple today. I leave in the morning to go to PolishCon and have so much to do and very little time to do it! The other day I showed you the Gothic Spring Collection from Leesha's Lacquer. It will be releasing at PolishCon on Saturday. I told you she was releasing a few collections at the Con...I've got the other two to show you today...I give you the Ojibwe Fairytale Glitters Collection and the Jellies from Outer Space II Collection!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Stunning Nails My Stunning Nails Swatch and Review

**Press Sample**
Going to break up the PolishCon overload of things to bring you a quick an easy post on a new indie brand. My Stunning Nails is a line of polish from Lisa, the blogger behind My Stunning Nails. In addition to polish she will also be selling soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, and is even working on scrubs. She originally had a collection planned to be released, but after further consideration decided it needed a bit more work. So, she is starting with a limited edition polish My Stunning Nails. Keep reading to find out more!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anchor and Heart Lacquer Maine Squeeze Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Yesterday, I showed you all the beautiful PolishCon NYC 2017 exclusives from Anchor & Heart Lacquer. Today, I get to show you all the collection she will be releasing at PolishCon...the Maine Squeeze Collection. This is a six piece collection of bright colors with contrasting shimmers that are inspired by her home state of Maine. There is a pre-order going for them now, then they will be released at PolishCon. This collection left me absolutely speechless. So we are just going to dive in, and you're going to have to see them for yourselves. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Anchor and Heart Lacquer PolishCon NYC 2017 Exclusives Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I've got more PolishCon NYC Exclusives to show you all today! I know it's cutting it close since PolishCon is only 5 days away! Anchor & Heart Lacquer likes to keep us on our toes. You'll be seeing more from her this week too. So don't think this is all you'll see from her. Your PolishCon shopping list is going to grow tremendously this week. There is no way around it! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Pretty and Polished Summer 2017 Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
The other day I showed you all the PolishCon exclusive Babes of Broadway Collection from Pretty & Polished. Today, I get to show you her upcoming Summer 2017 Collection! This collection will be released to the attendees of PolishCon on April 29th Don't worry! The rest of the world will be able to purchase these on May 5th when they will be put up on her website. The Summer 2017 Collection is a set of 6 polishes. All different finishes and colors...each one perfect for year round use...not just summer! Keep reading to find out more! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Leesha's Lacquer Gothic Spring Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Last week I showed you all the PolishCon NYC exclusive and limited edition polishes that will be at the table for Leesha's Lacquer. In that post I told you she would be releasing a few new collections at the Con. I've got the first of those collections to show you all today! This is the Gothic Spring Collection. A set of five shimmery, shifting polishes that is the perfect way to transition seasons. Keep reading to find out more!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

JulieG Spring 2017 Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
I know this isn't a post about indies, but yes, JulieG will be at PolishCon NYC! Not sure exactly what they will have at their booth, but they sent me three of their special 3 packs to swatch and review. I tried JulieG back in 2013 when the Rock Candy line first released. I don't know why I haven't tried them more. I think I just got so indie focused. After working with these, I can tell you I will be working with them a lot more. For those of you attending PolishCon in NYC on April 29th, I really hope these will be available to purchase! Keep reading to find out more!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pretty and Polished Babes of Broadway Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**

I've got another set of PolishCon exclusive polishes to show you all today. This time, it is the Babes of Broadway Collection from Pretty & Polished. Like me, she is a lover of musicals and the theatre. When she told me what she had planned, I squealed...loudly. Babes of Broadway is a set of four polishes that are inspired by actresses who have played iconic roles. The polishes are named for the roles, not the women. I've included pictures and videos so those of you who might be clueless can see what she was inspired by. Ready to get a peek?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Bohemian Polish Baltimore Rainbow Collection Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**

I've shown off several polishes that will be exclusive to the upcoming PolishCon. Now, I get to show you one of the collections that will be releasing at the NYC PolishCon. The people who run Bohemian Polish moved to Baltimore about a year ago. They fell in love with the city and seemed to jump in with both feet almost immediately. She took inspiration from their new home for her upcoming Baltimore Rainbow Collection. They will be available to purchase at PolishCon, but won't be released to the public until May 1st. Keep reading to find out more!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Leesha's Lacquer PolishCon Exclusives Swatch and Review

**Press Samples**
Continuing the peek at PolishCon exclusives...I get to show you all two beauties that Leesha's Lacquer will be selling at the event in 2 weeks. I've loved showing you all the variety these ladies will be offering. There will seriously be something for everyone here. I'm really loving the two I get to show you all today. I love a good, squishy jelly...and these will not disappoint!