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Lorelei Lacquer Neon Sunset Collection Swatch and Review and Giveaway

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I am beyond in love with the collection I get to show you all today. I've been a Beach Boys fan since I was little. When Lorelei Lacquer hinted that she was making a collection inspired by Kokomo, I jumped for joy! The song, as annoying as it might be, really puts you in a wonderful mood. And not only was the song inspired by Kokomo, it was inspired by the Muppets music video for the song. This just takes me back and makes me happy on a whole other level!

Not only do I have swatches of Lorelei Lacquer's Neon Sunset Collection, but, at the end of the post, I have a mini set to giveaway. 

Now, I've included the video so you can listen to it as you're reading through the post.
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Source: mapsofworld
Aruba is described as "a jungle green holo".
Shown is two coats of Aruba.
Aruba is definitely more of a teal than a jungle green. Jungle green I imagine to have a bit more emerald than aqua in it. Either way, the color is perfection! Fully opaque in two coats. Beautiful formula.
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

Source: mapsofworld
Jamaica is described as "a golden, sunshine yellow holo".
Shown is two coats of Jamaica.
Jamaica is one of those perfect shades of yellow that would look good on any skin tone. It has a hint of mustard to it. Perfect formula, smooth application. If you're one who is skeptical about yellows, this is your polish. Can't go wrong!
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

I Wanna Take You
I Wanna Take You is described as "a white crelly with turquoise and teal matte glitter, and metallic magenta flakes".
Shown is three coats of I Wanna Take You.
I Wanna Take You took me and did naughty things to me. I am a white crelly fan, and this polish is perfection! The color combination of the glitter is spot on and work well together. Combine that to the fantastic application and I dare you not to fall in love with this polish.

Source: mapsofworld
Bermuda is described as "a royal blurple holo".
Shown is two coats of Bermuda.
To me, Bermuda is a perfect cobalt blue. No blurple about it. Either way, this was the first polish that caught my eye when I got this collection unwrapped. It has a way of drawing you in and keeping your focus on it. Her creams are beyond fantastic. They pretty much apply themselves. There's no saying no to this beauty.
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

Source: mapsofworld
Bahama is described as "a true coral holo".
Shown is two coats of Bahama.
Bahama is no joke. It is THE perfect coral cream mixed with holo. If you're one of those hoarders of all things coral colored, this MUST be your next purchase. I'm completely in love with this one and I'm not a coral crazy person. 
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

Pretty Mama
Pretty Mama is described as "a baby pink crelly with matte sky blue and purple glitter, and pink-blue micro flakies".
Shown is three coats of Pretty Mama.
I may be a sucker for white crellies, but Pretty Mama is pretty amazing. I love the color combination. It is truly a unique beauty, and from such a new indie brand. Fantastic formula and application.

Key Largo
Source: mapsofworld
Key Largo is described as "a goldenrod holo".
Shown is two coats of Key Largo.
Jamaica is more of a goldenrod than Key Largo is, but this tangerine color is beautiful! It will definitely get you in the tropical mood and make you want a frilly drink in your hand immediately! 
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

Source: world-guides
Montego is described as "a radiant orchid holo".
Shown is two coats of Montego.
Orchid may be last year's color of the year, but Montego lets you know the color is NOT gone. It is anything but. Vibrant and beautiful, the only thing missing is the actual smell of orchids.
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

Kokomo is described as "a creamy brown holo with a golden bronze flash and purple fleck".
Shown is two coats of Kokomo.
Kokomo is the perfect milk chocolate shade of brown. It's not one of those shades of brown that is a complete turn off. Then you add the bronze shimmer and that purple fleck and this polish is elevated to the max! A must have!
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
There you go! The Neon Sunset Collection. If you ask me, the entire collection is a must have. You can get it for $80 ($8 discount from if you bought each bottle separately) or they range from $9 to $10 each. The formulas are as perfect as they come. Like I said before, the creams practically apply themselves. I would be blown away by these polishes no matter what, but I'm impressed that these came from such a new brand. It's just unheard of. Lorelei Lacquer went above and beyond with these and completely nailed it.

I loved these so much, I've got a mini set of the Neon Sunset Collection to giveaway to you all! Read the rules below, and enter the Rafflecopter accordinly to enter.


1. There will be one (1) winner. Rafflecopter will choose the winner at random. I will verify entries.

2. You must be 18 years of age or older.
3. You must be a resident of the United States.
4. You must enter honestly. Any fraudulent entries will be deleted and the entrant will be disqualified.
5. No giveaway accounts.6. The giveaway will run from 7/6/2015 until 7/31/2015 at 11:59 pm EST.
7. The winner will be informed via email and will have 48 hours to respond and claim the prize. A new winner will be chosen if the first winner fails to comply.
8. The winner will be provided with a tracking number once the prize has been shipped. The prize will be packed well, but once it is in the mail, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.
9. This giveaway is not affiliated with Rafflecopter, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
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Don't want to wait for the giveaway or want to get some of Lorelei Lacquer's other polishes, I've got a code for you to use that never expires! Don't be afraid to use it!
Now, I have to leave you with this. Because Uncle Jesse. <3
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Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)


Amy L said...

I can't pick a favorite, they are all pretty! As an FYI the giveaway hasn't opened yet. ;-)

Naked Without Polish said...

Now it is! It changed the date on me! haha

Amy L said...

Hate when that happens! Way to be on top of it!

Jessica Fowler said...

I'm going with Kokomo, because that's my favorite polish in this collection!

Bethany"BNailedToPerfection" said...

They are all so pretty!!

Victoria said...

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" is my favorite Beach Boys song.

Aruba looks like the perfect vibrant teal.

Mollie Mills said...

Their All So Gorgeous !

Marian Frisone Sheridan said...

God only knows is a great song, my son's high school a capella group performed it at a concert recent. However, my favorite song is Fun, fun, fun.

Tracey said...

Beautiful polishes, but as a blue lover Bermuda is perfectly stunning 💙

Anna Vallacchi said...

My Favorite Beach Boys song is Kokomo!! This collection adds to the love! Loving the post&all the pics Becky!

Karen Pish.posh.polish said...

I love your swatches of these! I Wanna Take You is my faaaaaave.

Monica Moran said...

These are gorgeous!! I think aruba is my fav

Sumeet CoffeeLacquer said...

Aruba and Bermuda are stunners! Lovely swatches :D

Melissa said...

It's the names of these polishes that get me. Love them.

Karyn Kirke said...

I like Fun, Fun, Fun.

Jen Sky Walker said...

*gasp* I can't believe you said Kokomo was annoying! It's probably my favorite Beach Boys song, although I do love Little Saint Nick around the holidays.

Jenny Olesen said...

Bermuda is gorgeous! I love blue/purple polishes like that one. It's such a fantastic color.

Lo F said...

Im not gonna lie, i sang my way through the entire post. and i dont even care for the song either lol! Pretty swatches!

Manna's Manis said...

What a fun collection! Pretty Mama is my fav

PhD in Nail Polish said...

The glitters in this collection really stand out to me. I like the shreds the that white crelly! Also my fav song is "Little Saint Nick" because I am a Christmas/holiday nut.

acidicice said...

YAS! I love this collection! The crellies are my favourite!

Diane M Gooding said...

I love the song Sloop John B

Katie Skapin said...

Wouldn't It Be Nice is my favorite tune!

carol said...

kokomo es favorite beautiful cancion

Mindy Glazer said...

MY favorite Beach Boys song is California Girls!...probably because I am the absolute ANTI-California Girl!...LOL! Pasty white, short, and absolutely HATE the beach!...hahahahaha...but FOR SOME REASON, THAT SONG MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY!!! :)

Marisa Sprinklepuff said...

Montego, Bahama, and Aruba are to DIE for!! So pretty! Wouldn't It Be Nice was a favorite several years back :)

Nichole C said...

I admit that I really don't like the beach boys! Spending a lot of time near Santa Cruz makes you a little resentful towards some songs!

Roselynn787 said...

Wouldnt It Be Nice is always my favorite song. What a lovely collection, looks like a great debut for this indie.

Louly McButter said...

Gotta go Good Vibrations! Always puts me in a good mood.

Stella Kissinger said...

Kokomo is the only Beach Boys song I even know! lol

Nanaz Cheekz said...

This whole collection is gorgeous 😍

Kim - Lacquered Geek said...

I really don't know many Beach Boys songs, I hate to admit! If I had to pick one, it would be "I Get Around" ... one of my parents had it on a record, and my sister and I used to listen to it a lot.

Mitch FJ said...

My favorite is Kokomo.

Amanda LovesPolish said...

Kokomo is my fave and the song is now stuck in my head! Lol

Shawna Harrold said...

What a super fun collection!!!!

Tiffany ~ PolishandPaws said...

Wow I think I really might need this whole collection! Stunning colors and swatches!!

Schette EssaiBeauté said...

Aruba is perfect

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

Love Aruba

Tamara Marie said...

Hehe, my favorite BB song is I Get Around. I think my favorite of this collection, aside from Kokomo obviously because it is beyond gorgeous, is Key Largo! It reminds me of a beachy drink for sure!

Shipra Taneja said...

This was my hands down favorite song in childhood. My Mom says she remembers 3 year old me singing this. :D Beautiful collection, and I'm loving all the swatches! <3

The Polished Mommy said...

Great collection! They perfectly match the inspirations.

Michelle Chouinard said...

All so pretty, but Bahama and Key Largo...sigh...:)

Natalie Carlson Brown said...

My favorite Beach Boys song is The Warmth of the Sun. It wasn't a big hit but I remember my Mom playing it over and over. lol Thank-you for this awesome generous chance. :)

Pooky said...

My favorite Beach Boy song is California Girls :)

becky tomlinson said...

Love the Beach Boys so this is hard picking a favorite. I love God Only Knows and since I am one~ California Girls

Rebecca Powell said...

I don't know the Beach Boys super well, to be honest. I love Kokomo because I love the Muppets. I do really like God Only Knows, it's a great part of the Love Actually soundtrack!

Alona Young said...

Mine is God Only Knows too!

Amie Wisz said...

California Girls! When I was in ballet we had a dance to it for our recital! :)

Tanya Payne said...

My favorite Beach Boys song is Good Vibrations.

Polish & Plates said...

Beautiful polishes! Thanks for the giveaway! Aruba is my fav!

Rachel Beltz said...

Hmm... I don't think that I can pick a favorite! I love all of them honestly!

Somayra Ramos said...

Beach boys were a little before my time but ive heard their music thru coworkers and my favorite is Why Do Fools Fall in Love.

SoCal Indi said...

My favorite BB song is HELP ME, RHONDA.

Dee Nara said...

I love Surfin' USA. Lol.

Anita Narasimhan said...

My fav beach boys song is good Vibrations!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

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