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I'm back people!!! UGH! That was one hell of a week! Well, my husband, daughter and I had an amazing trip to NYC! Will tell you a bit about that after the jump with some pictures. After that, though, I've got the gorgeous Winter is Closing In Trio from Lollipop Posse Lacquer to show you all today! I wanted to have this post up sooner, but Photobucket was holding my pictures hostage. I wasn't able to do any extra swatching due to schools being closed all week. Well, school is back in session and I'll be swatching up a storm this week. I have some AMAZING things on my desk just waiting to be shown off. There is also several things I'm waiting on that are still in USPS limbo due to the snow storm. Fingers crossed things shape up soon.


A little bit about our trip...
We went to NYC for BroadwayCon. Before it started that Friday, kiddo wanted us to see Phantom of the Opera. So, we had a lovely evening on Thursday, with dinner at Sardi's (the restaurant from Muppets Take Manhattan with all of the drawings of celebrities), then Phantom of the Opera. It was an amazing show! She was completely enthralled with the show and didn't take her eyes off it for once. After, we got a backstage tour. I had no idea the magic that went into storing the scenery. Absolutely incredible! We have a little tradition, after seeing a show, we always go to Junior's for dessert. Of course, we walked around Times Square. It's one of Maggie's favorite places. The red stairs over the TKTS booth are usually crowded, but thanks to the weather, that we don't mind at all, they were pretty empty. Cue family photo op!
If you're familiar with ComicCon, it is similar to that except it is theater/Broadway based. It was the first ever BroadwayCon, and what an experience it was to be a part of it. On the first day, Maggie decided to wear her Elsa costume. She's excited about Frozen being made into a stage production, but also, because Idina Menzel voices the character. The first day also pretty much revolved around RENT and Hamilton. She had high hopes of Idina joining in on the fun, but sadly, the most we were able to get from her was a pre-made tape due to her being on tour for If/Then. We attended every event held in the main room. Kiddo wouldn't let us leave until the last event was over...after midnight. She soaked up every word said at all the panels, and sang along and danced to all the music. She was the youngest attendee, but she held the room in the palm of her hand. She just ran around talking to everyone. It was amazing seeing her thrive among others who share a passion for the same things she loves. You could tell most people were beyond surprised to be having half the conversations they were having with a 6 year old. 
Luckily, we were staying in the hotel where the convention was being held. The city started shutting down on Saturday, and we quickly realized we were snowed in. So many guests weren't able to attend due to canceled flights or not being able to get out of their homes locally. This particularly upset Maggie, because she was looking forward to meeting Jeremy Jordan (She absolutely loves him in The Last Five Years movie). Since everything changed, the people running the event did an amazing job changing all the events at a drop of a hat. They put together a BroadwayCon Party Line, which was definitely a highlight. We called and FaceTimed with so many people: Patti Lupone, Harvey Fierstein, Audra McDonald, Joel Grey, Laura Benanti, Seth Rudetsky (even though we got to see him on Sunday), and Jeremy only name a few. One of the lovely ladies running the event saw people trying to get my daughter seen during the Jeremy Jordan FaceTime session, and purposefully positioned the computer to make sure he and her were able to see each other. She even came over to make sure she got to see him. 5 thousand people in a room and they still made sure to talk to people so personably. Later that night, she was interviewed by a guy from Playbill and he had her sing on his Periscope feed. Too freaking cute! Then we had an amazing concert from Krysta Rodriguez. Was only supposed to be 20 minutes, but she killed it for an hour.
Day 3 came around and we were kinda sorta able to leave, but why would we? There was still more BroadwayCon fun to be had! There was a cosplay fashion show, she befriended a girl on the first day (She's dressed as Mimi from RENT, blue spandex, in the pic below), and she took Maggie under her wing and they ran around singing and dancing and just having a blast. They are already talking about doing costumes together next year. When she got off the stage from the fashion show, she was beaming with excitement. She couldn't believe Anthony Rapp has said her name as she was crossing the stage. She said she forgot her poses because he was talking about her and she couldn't believe it. #tinyfangirlproblems We got a look at some upcoming shows that day, and even a powerful, impromptu performance by Sara Bareilles and a sneak into her show Waitress. The whole convention ended with a 5000 people sing-a-long to Seasons of Love from RENT. We were sad to see it go, and are already itching to get back. So many different types of people, so much love, all for the love of theater. 
We almost didn't make it out of the city Monday morning, but they decided almost last minute to open the trains. Once we got home the hell of shoveling our home out started. I'll save you the details on that though. Now, onto why you're here... Winter is Closing In Trio from Lollipop Posse Lacquer.
The Meadow Grass is described as "a nude, slightly metallic, holographic crelly".
Shown is three coats of The Meadow Grass with top coat.
The Meadow Grass had a smooth application and was absolutely flawless. Three coats is necessary for full coverage. Don't let that sway you though. I do thin coats for a quicker dry time. I am a fan of nudes and this completely melted my heart! Great on it's own, as an accent nail, or as the base for some nail art.
in direct light
in direct light

But I Never Seem to Go is described as "a metallic, sky blue, holographic crelly".
Shown is three coats of But I Never Seem to Go with top coat.
But I Never Seem to Go has that same incredible formula with flawless application. Three coats is necessary for full opacity with thinner coats.
in direct light
in direct light

Bolt My Wanderings In
Bolt My Wanderings In is described as "a metallic, lavender, holographic crelly".
Shown is three coats of Bolt My Wanderings In with top coat.
Bolt My Wanderings In was simply magical. I was afraid this one was going to show brush strokes, as it seemed to be a bit more on the metallic side than the others. Not a single brush stroke was visible though. Gorgeous!
in direct light
in direct light

The Winter is Closing In Trio is available now. They are available individually for $12 or $35 plus free US shipping for the trio. If you end up liking both the Winter is Closing In Trio and the No Part of the Dream World Duo you will be able to get them as a bundle for $51.50 plus free US shipping

Lollipop Posse Lacquer did an amazing always. I don't recommend that you miss anything she puts out. I regret missing out on any of the ones I did. Don't be like me. You won't be happy. However, you must follow her on her social media platforms (links below) for updates, sales, and sneak peeks!

What did you think of this trio? Were you in the middle of the huge snow storm? If so, what did you do to keep busy?

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Happy polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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