Lemming Lacquer Better Watch Out Collection Swatch and Review

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Ok, polish peeps, I've got a gorgeous new (to me) indie to show you all today! Lemming Lacquer has been around for a bit, but I haven't had the pleasure of trying any of their products...until she reached out to me about working with her holiday collection. I was beyond excited! The Better Watch Out Collection is a 4 piece set that is "inspired by the dark creatures of Yuletide, that date back to the origins of winter solstice. Legends of sinister figures spanned across Europe as precautionary tales of what would happen if children misbehaved. These stories give a much more balanced view of this time of year than what we see Christmas as now". There are quite a few pictures of these evil inspired beauties, so we will jump right in! (I'll give you time to run turn on your lights and grab a teddy bear to keep you company.) 

Krampus is a Santa suit red with a slight metallic feel and linear holo.
Shown is two coats of Krampus with top coat. 
About Krampus in her words...
"Krampus has long, dark hair covering his body, cloven hooves, goat horns, and long, pointed, tongue. You can hear him coming from the thrashing of his chains. He comes for misbehaved children to give them coal and whips them with birch branches. For the children who were especially naughty, he stuffs them in the sack he carries on his back and takes them to Hell."
in direct light
in direct light

Gryla is a dark, cornflower blue toned purple with an almost metallic finish and linear holo.
Shown is two coats of Gryla with top coat.
About Gryla in her words:
"Gryla is a haggard giantess hooves for feet and thirteen tails who lives in the mountains of Iceland. She has the ability to detect misbehaving children year-round and during the solstice she searches towns for naughty children to boil alive and make into a stew."
in direct light
in direct light

Perchta is a dark, pine green with blue undertones and linear holo.
Shown is two coats of Perchta with topcoat.
About Perchta in her words:
"Perchta is a witch that lives in the forests of Germany. She punishes the slovenly, idle, and greedy by splitting open the stomach, ripping out the internal organs and replacing them with garbage."
in direct light
in direct light

Yule Cat
Yule Cat is a black jelly with silver holo hex in multiple sizes and scattered holo.
Shown is three coats of Yule Cat with top coat.
About Yule Cat in her words:
"Also called Jólakötturinn, the Yule Cat hails from Iceland and is said to live with the giantess Gryla. Children are told to work hard and complete chores because the Yule Cat can tell which children were lazy. If a child didn't receive at least one new item of clothing by Christmas Eve, the Yule Cat would devour them."
in direct light
in direct light

Each of these had a lovely formula. Highly impressed as a first time user. Perfect application, easy to manipulate brush, and no clean up needed. 

The Better Watch Out Collection is available today! The full collection is $40 or you can buy them separately for $11 (Yule Cat) and $12 (Perchta, Gryla, and Krampus). If you spend $45 (before shipping and after discounts) you will get a free gift with purchase! An LE named Copious Cornucopia. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY to get 25% off any purchase over $15.

In addition to this collection, her Villains Don't Get Happy Endings Collection will also be available. Those are incredible too. 

If you haven't tried Lemming Lacquer, I highly recommend you do. These were incredible and I regret not trying them sooner. Any of these catch your eye? What's on your Black Friday wish list? Keep up with info on new polishes, restocks, and more by following below!

Lemming Lacquer information:
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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for photography and my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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