Guest Post #10 - Finger Painting Fingers

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This next guest blogger was my first swapping buddy. She set the bar high, and made be love putting together and sending packages to people. She's an awesomely creative blogger who also has a love for gardening and all things sparkly!!! 

Hello, lovely ladies!  I am super excited to be Becky’s guest post contributor today at Naked Without Polish! Every girl deserves a break to celebrate her daughter’s birthday and I was thrilled to be invited to fill in while Becky celebrates with Maggie and her family!    

If you haven’t visited my blog, Finger Painting Fingers, you may not know about my love of all things sparkly.  If it sparkles, I’m hooked!  I’m a big fan of glitter and holographic polishes. Last week I was blitzed to find an awesome combination of both when I went to Claire’s.  I was shopping for a swap when I stumbled on some sun changing polishes.  I like the idea of color changing polishes, but I haven’t seen loads of swatches that convinced me any of them were all that spectacular.  When I picked up this little bottle of goodness called Sun-Sation, I figured even if the color change part was a bomb, I would still enjoy the holo-y sparkle of it. 

This polish is pretty thick and you should be careful with your application in order to get a smooth coat. I used a base coat, followed by two coats of Sun-Sation and one coat of Poshe’ Super Fast Dry top coat.  Wow!  It was super pretty when I finished.  Take a look.  Here it is in natural light.  It is such a pretty pale lavender and there is a ton of holographic sparkle!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  So feminine!

Then came the moment of truth. . . . .would the polish really change color in the sun?  I wasn’t expecting to see much difference but holy wow!! It went from pale lavender to a dark eggplant in a matter of seconds!! 

Really awesome!  I couldn’t believe the difference in color and how much the holographic glitter popped against the beautiful dark purple.

Ahhhh!! Look at all of those amazing glitters, both on my nails and in the bottle!  Don’t you just love all of that holo-y goodness??

Finally, I have to show you a blurry picture.

I just love to see the rainbows sparkle.  It makes me happy.  Last week when I blogged about another one of my favorite holographic polishes, Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle, Liesl from Liesl Loves Pretty Things commented that my blurry picture reminded her of little twinkly lights on my fingers.  What a perfect description! It really does look like tiny little Christmas lights on my fingertips!  So pretty! *sigh of content*

This polish is a little pricey for its size, $7 for 7ml, but Claire’s usually has polishes BOGO half off.  So if you purchase two, the price ends up being about $5 each.  For a fun and unique polish, I think the price isn’t bad.  They had several different colors to choose from and I grabbed this one and another.

Please visit my blog, Finger Painting Fingers, to see more holographic and glitter polish goodness!  You can also follow me on Facebook

I am so glad I could be here with you on this fabulous day!  Thank you, Becky, for inviting me to be here.  It was an honor and I hope you had a blast celebrating! 

Happy Finger Painting!  ♥ Andrea

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