Guest Post #7 - 365 Days of Color

10:53 AM

This next lady isn't just a wonderful blogger, she's also an incredible polish maker. And when in doubt, she's ALWAYS good for a laugh! I give you the lovely Sunny of 365 Days of Color!

Hi everyone!!! 
I am so excited to be guest posting here today!!! Becky is such an awesome blogger and I love her so so much so there was no way I could say no!!! 

I wanted to do something pretty awesome for the post so I decided to take a shot at water marbling because I really like it!

So I started out painting my nails two white coats of Color Club French Tip  and when it was try I taped off my nails and used CHINA GLAZE BOHO colors for it!!!! eeepppp!!! I knew this was gonna be a good idea before I started the marbling but omggggg I could not get enough of it!!! my nails were water marble duo-chrome!! how cool is that?

I used three China Glaze colors, Deviantly Daring, Rare & Radiant, and Want my Bawdy.  
I loved this mani so much I kept it on for a few days! LOL

So there you have it everyone..have you tried any water marbling?? 
You can see in my pictures that it is not perfect (there are a few bubbles in there) but thats okay because I feel like water marbling doesnt have to be PERFECT!!! 

Thank you again to Becky for letting me do this! so much fun! 
love to all of you! oxox

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