Guest Post #11 - BeautyGnome

11:46 AM

The next guest blogger is definitely one of my favorites. She blogs about so many things, my favorite is still her nail polish posts, she has a love of all things gnome(ish?), and she has some of the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. lol She's sweet and funny, and I've had a blast getting to know her and her blog. I give you Jessica at BeautyGnome.

If you are looking for the perfect sky blue polish, look no further than Barielle Swizzle Stix. Bright, cheerful, and on-trend, Swizzle Stix is a perfect way to incorporate a pop of color into your ensemble.

Creamy, opaque coverage in two coats.. this formula is perfect! No streaks or patches. I love how saturated this blue is. While I love a "dusty" polish, there is no muting of color here.. just bright, beautiful sky blue!

What do you think of Swizzle Stix? You can find this and many other lovely shades at

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