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**The featured products in this post were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Today, I have several miscellaneous polishes from LynBDesigns to show you all. Some of them are still available, for now, and others were limited edition gift with purchases from over the holiday season. 

I have a lot of information that you are going to have to take in. And some of it will require immediate action. As of midnight EST tonight this list will be retired. Some of them have even already sold out. If you don't have any of them yet, and have been going back and forth, just get them! Don't worry though, at the end of this post there will be a discount code that is also good through Saturday (2-15-2014) AND you'll get a special gift with purchase if you purchase today. So, really, it's a win-win situation!

Let's jump into swatches so you can see everything, then get the discount code and go do some shopping!! 

Oobleck is described as "the perfect spring green with just a hint of color shifting sparkle". I can't even begin to vocalize how sorry I am that this polish will soon be unavailable. Last I talked to her, there was only two bottles of Oobleck left. So hurry up if you want one of the last ones! This is three thin coats. The formula calls for three coats to make sure it's not streaky and evened out. This beauty is perfect! The soft mint color, the beautiful sparkle, you couldn't really ask for anything more. (If you get one of the last two, CONGRATS!!!) $8

Everyone Needs A Thneed is a lavender crelly scattered with a hint of lilac flecks, small fuchsia hexes, carnation pink squares and medium sized hot pink hexes. This is three perfect coats. I could have easily stopped at two coats, but I really liked how it was layering with the glitter and a third just really made it a little more fun. Perfect application! Sorry this one is already sold out and not available any more. If you see it on a blog sale, snag it!! 

Nightmare Revisited is described as "a fuchsia raspberry jelly linear holographic polish". This is three thin coats. Perfect application, stunning color and the holo is all up in your face. It isn't lacking a single thing. This beauty is still available so no worries about having to fight for it! $10

Old St. Nick is a white crelly filled with an iridescent shimmer. This is three thin coats. Old St. Nick was a special limited edition gift with purchase from the holidays. The funny thing about receiving this is I had just been telling someone I so desperately needed a white iridescent crelly and I ended up with two. I hate that I can't tell you where to get this beauty, but I love that I'm one of the special few who got it! 

Happy Wallabies is a soft pink crelly filled with a scattered holo and iridescent flakies. This is three thin coats. Happy Wallabies was a limited edition gift with purchase from over the holidays. She let her nephew name it, and he did a fantastic job! I can't begin to describe how much I love this polish. I, honestly, feel so bad showing this to you all. The last time I showed it to you in a NOTD post, so many people wanted to buy it. She wanted to be able to sell more, but unfortunately she can't get the pigment any more. I promise you, if she ever finds this pigment, or anything similar, and can try to remake this, I will let you all know! It needs to be done. It's too wonderful!! 

Tinsel is a clear based glitter topper filled with red macro glitter, green and silver and gold micro metallic glitter, small red metallic bars and medium sized gold metallic hexes. This is one coat of Tinsel (yes, one coat! SO much glitter comes out on that brush.) over two coats of A Girl Obsessed But He Loves Pie (the most perfect nude polish ever). I wanted to pair it with a nude because I knew it was going to have a lot going on. I wanted you to see the polish for what it is and I didn't want a naked nail to be distracting. It applied perfectly without getting glitter everywhere. She always makes great holiday glitter toppers. Unfortunately, this is yet another limited edition gift with purchase polish she had over the holidays. It isn't available for purchase.

Frosty Snot is just a flat out spectraflair topper. Spectraflair is as linear holo as it gets. And once it's in this topper form, a little goes a long way. This is one coat of Frosty Snot over two coats of Zoya Carmen. I can't really say much. It's spectraflair. It speaks for itself. It's gorgeous! You can never have too many spectraflair toppers!! Once again, this was a limited edition gift with purchase polish and was never available to the public. 

Lastly, Fireworks in a Bottle is a clear based topper filled with holo and glitter in multiple colors, shapes and sizes. Imagine a polish work desk full of glitter that got dumped on the floor and mixed together. That's this. It's simple and haphazard and wonderful! This is one coat of Fireworks in a Bottle over one coat of SinfulColors Mesmerize. Fireworks in a Bottle was the limited edition gift with purchase that LynBDesigns had when you bought something on her shop's anniversary. What a fun way to celebrate! Once again, I apologize that this isn't available to purchase. 

Those are all the beauties I've gotten from the wonderful LynBDesigns over the past couple months. Next week, I'll have the entire They Say of the Acropolis collection swatched. Keep an eye open for that!

Right now through Saturday 2-15-2014, use the code HEARTS to get 35% off your entire purchase. If you buy today ONLY, you will get a limited edition gift with purchase. This time, she has said that it will be a redux of one of her very first polishes and has even given a sneak peek.

Here's the recap... 

- use the code HEARTS to get 35% off through Saturday 2-15-2014
- make any purchase on Valentine's Day and receive a free limited edition gift with purchase polish
this list of polishes is being discontinued at midnight EST tonight. (And there are only 2 bottles of Oobleck left).

So basically, BUY RIGHT NOW!!! 

As usual, these swatches are all topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) it gives everything that perfect shine. I always hydrate my cuticles with Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6). Both from A Girl Obsessed.

LynBDesigns information:
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**The featured products in this post were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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