A Girl Obsessed Cold Shattered Heart and Fractured Spirit

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Today I have two beautiful shard glitter toppers from A Girl Obsessed. I can't even begin to express my the excitement I felt when these arrived. I do love a good flakie glitter, but you give me some shreds and my heart explodes. Let's jump right in before I start going off into giddy gibberish.

Cold Shattered Heart is described as "a blue/green flakie topcoat with turquoise holo shreds". This is one coat of Cold Shattered Heart over two coats of Cult Nails FetishCold Shattered Heart is from A Girl Obsessed's Anti Valentine's Day Collection. It is absolute perfection! When I started flipping through my pictures of this swatch, it reminded me of the poster for Unbreakable. As icy as it looks, it resembles shards of shattered glass. It's mesmerizing and you'll catch yourself staring at it at random times. There was no fishing for any of the glitter and it applied perfectly. The only thing I had to fix was pieces sticking off the edge of my nail. I either tapped them back into place or pulled them off depending on how far over the edge they were. $8

Here is Cold Shattered Heart over Cult Nails Manipulative. I wanted to pair Cold Shattered Heart with something that would soften it's look a bit. As stunning as it looks over black, it's very hard and rough looking. With Manipulative, they play off each other so very well. This pairing ended up being so much fun and extremely playful!

Fractured Spirit is a clear based topper filled with a mix of holo shreds in silver, purple and blue as well as blue/purple flakies. Fractured Spirit was surprising! In the bottle, it looks like it's going to be a cute flirty top coat, then BAM you're completely taken off guard! It's almost haunting. This is one coat over Cult Nails Fetish. There's a bit more glitter to Fractured Spirit than there was in Cold Shattered Heart, so it covered a bit more of the nail. I wouldn't have wanted any less with this though. $8

This is one coat of Fractured Spirit over three coats of Candied Orchid. Once Fractured Spirit is placed over a softer color, it immediately transforms into a flirtatious beauty. It becomes incredibly feminine. I honestly didn't see this coming. I do love polishes that have such a surprising effect on me. Not once, but multiple times. 

Don't miss out on either of these beauties. You'll regret missing them if you do! Each bottle is $8, but you can buy them as a duo [HERE] for only $14.

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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