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**The featured products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

I am beyond excited to show you all the gorgeous They Say of the Acropolis Collection from LynBDesigns. This collection was inspired by the British game show QI, and even though I have never had the pleasure of seeing it...I now desperately want to. I have ten beautiful polishes to show you all, and I know you didn't come here for me to babble. You all came here for swatches...let's get to it!!

General Ignorance is described as "a grey crelly base loaded with black holographic glitter in both hexes and dots". This is two coats of General Ignorance. When she says this polish is loaded with glitter, she is not kidding. Each time I pulled the brush out, it was covered in glitter. Yet, this polish glides on so smoothly. This one definitely surprised me and is in my top 4 of this collection. $8

Innuendo Buzzer is described as "a stunning purple with blue and purple flecks". This is three coats of Innuendo Buzzer. A slightly thicker than normal formula, but not difficult to work with at all. Three coats were needed to just even things out. A gorgeous polish that is so difficult to capture in a picture (other than the macro). Purple lovers beware! You will want this beauty! $8

Double Bluff is described as "a taupe based polish with a pink shimmer and linear holographic". This is three thin coats of Double Bluff for full opacity. I can not say enough about how positively stunning this polish is. At every angle something catches your eye. I have never seen anything like it. On my must have list if you're a fan of interesting holos. $10

The Credible Hulk is described as "a hulky green based holographic". This is three thin coats of The Credible Hulk. I love green holos. The Credible Hulk just blew the others I have out of the water. The formula was perfection in every way possible. I only used three coats for full opacity. You could easily layer this over some undies if you so desperately wanted to conserve your bottle. $10

Pliny the Elder is described as "a linear holographic polish with a deep red jelly base and a smattering of orange iridescent glitter". This is three thin coats of Pliny the Elder. My favorite polish from the entire collection. There are no words, and since a picture is worth a thousand...I don't need to say anything else. $10

Blue Whale is described as "a gorgeous blue jelly filled with all sorts of metallic finished glitters". This is three coats of Blue Whale. Another favorite from this collection, this one took me by surprise. Wonderfully smooth application, especially for a polish with so much glitter. $8

Nobody Knows is described as "a red toned holographic and a color shifting polish that changes between purple, red and blue". This is three thin coats of Nobody Knows. They Say of the Acropolis is full of surprising polishes, Nobody Knows is at least the third. In the bottle, I fully expected this to be sheer and boring. I swatched this one last because I dreaded what I might think of it. I never should have second guessed Jenna's ability to make wonderful polishes. There's a reason she's one of my favorite indie makers. She keeps me on my toes and surprises me when I least expect it. Nobody Knows had a beautiful formula. Not fully sheer, but needed three coats to achieve full opacity. $10

Spot the Cuttlefish is described as "a root beer colored base with a scattered holographic effect and a flakie finish". This is two coats of Spot the Cuttlefish. Another top four favorite, Spot the Cuttlefish is beyond unique. It's on its own level of gorgeousness. Smooth application with little clean up needed. If this isn't a polish you have to run and buy, I don't know what is. $10

Master is described as "a perfect hodge podge glitter topper that throws together black, white, metallic, iridescent and matte gliters". This is one coat of Master over two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Pumice. There is so much simplistic beauty in Master, I needed a subtle polish that would let Master shine and stand on its own. No fishing for glitter with this topper, pulling the brush out of the bottle ensures you'll have enough glitter for one to two nails easily. It may be over a grey polish here, but Master could easily be put over any color. $8

Quite Interesting is described as "a gorgeous glitter topper with blues, purples and holographic glitters of all sorts". This is one coat of Quite Interesting over two coats of Wet n Wild Megalast Tropicalia. Named after the show itself, Quite Interesting is one of those glitter toppers that sticks with you. It's a lovely blend of some of my favorite colors. It truly is quite interesting. $8

Once again, LynBDesigns has outdone herself with the They Say of the Acropolis Collection. Each polish is more beautiful than the one before it, even though you didn't think it could get any better. She has a wonderful talent in making polish. With polishes that range from $8 to $10, and her always having sales, you will always find something you love and can afford. I have a long list of must haves, so feel free to message me on Facebook or shoot me an email if you need recommendations.

If you thought that these were amazing, just wait until you see the next collection!!

All the above swatches are topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) and I kept my cuticles hydrated with Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6). Both by A Girl Obsessed.

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**The featured products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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