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Bad Bitch Polish Never to Be Trusted Trio and Anniversary Trio Swatch and Review

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I've got two different trios from Bad Bitch Polish to show you all today. They are being released just one day apart, so I felt it would be appropriate. The first trio is her Halloween trio. Inspired by Coraline (book by Neil Gaiman and movie by Henry Selick). Neil brought the characters and words into our lives and Henry brought the characters and words to life. Britt took both of their work and grew inspired by it to bring us the Never to be Trusted Trio. 

Keep reading to find out more about the Never to be Trusted Trio as well as the Anniversary Trio.
Never to be Trusted Trio
Be Wise
Be Wise is described as "a midnight blue-black with subtle shimmer".
Shown is one coat of Be Wise with top coat.
Be Wise is a deep, dark beauty. Beautiful formula and smooth application. However, it does dry with a bit of texture due to the glitters used in it. Just use top coat a you'll be good to go. One coat covers beautifully though. Very impressive.
in direct light
in direct light

Be Brave
Be Brave is described as "a bright pinky red with just a touch of holo sparkle".
Shown is one coat of Be Brave with top coat.
Be Brave bright and strong...and powerful. You feel something change in your soul when you wear a good red. It's no different than when you put on a red lip stick. The fact that this beauty was another one coater was just the icing on the cake. Beautiful formula and flawless application. I didn't even need to do clean up. She nailed this polish.
in direct light
in direct light

Be Tricky
Be Tricky is described as "a very dark plum with both holo and flakies".
Shown is one coat of Be Tricky with top coat.
Be Tricky is absolutely mesmerizing. This one will leave you in a trance. Another deep, dark, one-coater that you definitely need in your collection. It is another that dries with a bit of texture so make sure you use a top coat. The formula and application are beautiful though.
in direct light
in direct light

The Never to be Trusted Trio will be available to purchase on Friday, September 30th. The whole trio will be available for $30, or you can get them individually for $11 each. This trio won't be available in minis. 

Anniversary Trio

Next up is the Anniversary Trio. Britt created her Anniversary Trio with three things in mind. These three things have come to be inspirations/muses in her creations...whether they be how the polish looks or how the polish is named. The arts, science, and literature not only play a huge part in her business/brand, but in her life as well. I give you the Anniversary Trio.

Literature is described as "a purple holo with amazing extra holo sparkle thanks to some tiny geometric holo bits".
Shown is one coat of Literature with top coat.
Literature is a beautiful shade of purple filled with linear holo pigment, lots of glitter, and a bit of a pink shimmer when the light hits it just right. It is also opaque in just one coat. I applied this onto one nail and immediately exclaimed "WOAH!!!" A great surprise and such a stunning shade. The same fabulous formula that BBP is known for.
in direct light
in direct light

Science is described as "a red-black holo".
Shown is one coat of Science with top coat.
Science is an enigma to me. This makes me appreciate her giving this specific polish the name, Science, so much more. In the bottle, I thought it was purple, then I put it on my nails and I thought it was black, then I got it under direct light to photograph and it has flashes of red. WHAT IS THIS RIGHT NOW?! This polish is a bottle of one-coat perfection. IT'S PERFECT AND YOU WON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. There is no fully explaining this polish...and that's ok. I don't feel the need to. Just trust me on this and get the damn thing. It's stunning!
in direct light
in direct light

Arts is described as "an icy aqua with intense linear holo".
Shown is two coats of Arts with top coat.
Arts is a beautiful rainbow of a polish. It's perfect for the name. The base may be a beautiful aqua blue that is almost metallic, but there is so much linear holo in here, it almost drowns out the blue shade when in certain light. This one isn't a one coater like all the others, but it's opaque in two coats. Wonderfully smooth.
in direct light
in direct light

The Anniversary Trio will be available starting Saturday, October 1st. You will only be able to purchase this trio through Saturday, November 5th. Because it is a celebration of Bad Bitch Polish's anniversary it will only be available for a limited time. The whole trio will be $30, but you will be able to get them individually for $11 each. Free shipping on all orders over $35. I'm telling you right now, just get the full trio. You'll regret not getting the others if you only get 1 or 2. They are gorgeous and work so well together. Since this trio is limited edition, it will be created to order so she doesn't over pour. So shipping on these will be slightly extended...just a warning. Just make sure you are following Bad Bitch Polish on all of their social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales.

What are your thoughts on these trios?! Any jump out at you? During October, any order will receive a magnet, and she will be posting various coupons on her social media for the other items in her shop, so don't miss any of those! 

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for photography and my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)


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