Turtle Tootsie Polish Breast Cancer Collection Swatch and Review

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Every year, Chrissy, the lovely lady behind Turtle Tootsie Polish, makes a collection of polish for breast cancer awareness month. She is a 4 year survivor and always donates $1 of every full sized bottle purchased to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. It's such a wonderful way for her to give back and celebrate being a survivor. She will be releasing her 2016 Breast Cancer Collection this Friday, but I have my review and swatches of all seven polishes from the collection to show you all. Let's get to it!

Pink Ribbon
Pink Ribbon is described as "a glitter topper with neon pink flakes, pink holo hex, blue/purple iridescent hex, and magenta high heel shoe glitter".
Shown is one coat of Pink Ribbon over Fight On! with top coat.
Pink Ribbon is a lovely take on a pink ribbon polish. It had a smooth application. Yes, you have to fish the shoes out, but that's ok. I love that you can use this polish without the heel glitter as well as with. A well rounded and versatile topper. 
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

Fight On!
Fight On! is described as "a pale pink scattered holo polish that shifts to an aqua blue".
Shown is two coats of Fight On! with top coat.
Fight On! is a beautiful pale pink. It does apply slightly streaky with the first coat, but evens out beautifully after the second coat. I couldn't get the holo to pop in pictures, but it is definitely there! That shift to blue is stunning. I love how delicate this polish is while bearing a name that will give women strength.
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

Courage is described as "a pale pink crelly with pink holo square glitter, mini pink stars, and scattered holo".
Shown is two coats of Courage with top coat.
Courage is another beautiful soft pink polish. It is a little darker than the last soft pink. I wish I could have gotten the lovely holo sparkle to pop in pictures, but alas, they got shy. The red squares were a lovely touch. I do wish I got a bit more of them out, but they just wanted to hang out at together somewhere. A bit streaky with the first coat, but fully evens out after the second coat. Wonderful formula.
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

Faith is described as "a light pink cream polish with chameleon glitter".
Shown is three coats of Faith with top coat.
Faith is my favorite of the soft pinks. It is the darkest of them, and the most finicky when it came to photographing, but it's my favorite. It was the streakiest of the set, but a third coat evened it all out. Again, I wish more of the glitter came out to play, but what I did get out of the bottle was beautiful!
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

Empowered is described as "a medium pink polish with blue shimmer, and blue/gold flakes".
Shown is two coats of Empowered with top coat.
Empowered is a bunch of fun packed into one bottle. I was actually surprised how opaque it was. I did thin coats and it was fully opaque after two coats. There is a lot of holo in there as well, but taking pics of it in direct light didn't work well. Lovely formula and great application.
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

Together We Fight!
Together We Fight! is described as "a berry colored holo".
Shown is two coats of Together We Fight! with top coat.
Together We Fight is one of those holos that just seems to glow when it is hit with light. Smooth application and amazing formula. Another I thought was going to be a bit more sheer than it actually was. I was surprised that two coats was as opaque as it was. The color is rich, and this baby is packed full of holo. I want someone to try using this with stamping. I bet it would do a beautiful job!
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)
in direct light
in direct light

Red Devil
Red Devil is described as "a deep pink, almost red, jelly with gold flakies".
Shown is three coats of Red Devil with top coat.
Red Devil is named for the the chemo drug, Adriamycin. It is nicknamed the "red devil" because of its color and its side effects. Another favorite from this collection. The jelly is so squishy, and the color is rich. The gold flakes layer beautifully between the coats. This would be a great polish to use in a pond mani. It has a beautiful formula and flawless application.
$6 (mini)/$10 (full)

There you have it...the seven beautiful polishes making up Turtle Tootsie Polish's 2016 Breast Cancer Collection. She did a beautiful job with these, and being a survivor...you can tell she put her heart into them. The collection will be available on Friday, September 23rd at noon EST. The whole collection will be available for  $40 (minis) and $65 (fulls) and $7 from each set sold will be donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Individually, the polishes will be $6 (minis) and $10 (fulls) and $1 from each full sized sold will be donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Make sure you are following Turtle Tootsie Polish on all of her social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales.

What do you all think of this collection from Turtle Tootsie Polish? Any favorites jump out at you?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for photography and my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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