Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection Swatch and Review

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**Received from Preen.Me**

I've got a lot to show you today, so we are going to keep this short and sweet. I recently received the Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection from Preen.Me. The collection is a set of six summer ready creams that you can wear on their own or easily use together for some bright and cheerful nail art. They even sent a selfie stick so I could capture some fun moments while wearing the Selfie Summer Collection. Go check it out!


React Basics

React Base Coat
React Base Coat is described as "a no light extended wear base coat".

React Top Coat
React Top Coat is described as "a no light extended wear top coat".

Filtered & Fabulous Duo

All About the Pout
All About the Pout is a pale baby pink cream.
Shown is two coats of All About the Pout with React Top Coat.

Woke Up This Way
Woke Up This Way is a bright fuchsia cream.
Shown is two coats of Woke Up This Way with React Top Coat.

A Day to Myself-ie Duo

Me, Myself-ie, and I
Me, Myself-ie, and I is a bright coral cream with silver micro flecks.
Shown is two coats of Me, Myself-ie, and I with React Top Coat.

No Filter Needed
No Filter Needed is a vibrant turquoise blue cream.
Shown is two coats of No Filter Needed with React Top Coat.

So Mani Selfies! Duo

Pretty as a Pink-ture
Pretty as a Pint-ture is borderline neon hot pink cream.
Shown is two coats of Pretty as a Pink-ture with React Top Coat.

Best Face Forward
Best Face Forward is bright, royal purple cream filled with iridescent micro flecks.
Shown is two coats of Best Face Forward with React Top Coat.

The Selfie Summer Collection from Morgan Taylor is beautiful and so very easy to work with. Each of these only took two coats to reach full opacity, and had fantastic formulas. The brushes on these are incredible and allow for maximum coverage with minimum brush strokes. The Selfie Summer Collection should be available now at your local JCPenny.

Selfie Summer Collection Manicure
Of course I went outside of my comfort zone and did some nail art with these!
1. I applied Morgan Taylor React Base Coat on all my nails.
2. On my pinky and pointer fingers and my thumbs, I applied two coats of Morgan Taylor Me, Myself-ie, and I. On my ring fingers, I applied two coats of Morgan Taylor Best Face Forward. On my middle fingers, I applied two coats of Morgan Taylor All About the Pout.
3. With a large dotting tool, I applied dots on the base of my ring fingernails in a pyramid with Morgan Taylor Woke Up This Way; I applied dots on the tip of my middle fingernails in a pyramid with Morgan Taylor No Filter Needed; and I applied dots on the thumb side of my pointer fingernails in a pyramid with Morgan Taylor Best Face Forward.
4. Once the dots were dry, with a small dotting tool, I stacked dots on my ring fingernails with Morgan Taylor No Filter Needed; I stacked dots on my middle fingernails with Morgan Taylor Pretty as a Pink-ture; and I stacked dots on my pointer fingernails with Morgan Taylor All About That Pout.
5. Once they were dry, and I was sure they wouldn't smear, I topped all my nails off with Morgan Taylor React Top Coat.

One of the things the Preen.Me VIP Program asked me to do was take selfies going to festivals, brunch, the beach, and my OOTD. Well, I'm a boring mom. It's very rare we go to brunch as most of the time my husband is working or I'm sleeping in. I honestly can't stand the beach. We wait until off seasons to do our family trips, and we usually head to NYC when we do. My OOTD is never anything anyone wants to see. If I'm comfortable, then I'm wearing it. Usually jeans and a basic $5 solid colored tee I got on a clearance rack at Target. So, I took some pics while we walked around the mall last weekend. 

My family and I running around.
The child is singing off key on purpose. Help me!
The child forced us to suffer through (what felt like an eternity) her playing dress up in Justice. But I found a cute shirt of a puppy eating a sno-cone.
Grabbed a sweet almond pretzel at Auntie Anne's to make being at the mall on a weekend a bit more bearable.

Yes, that's my exciting life. haha At least my nails look good! I'm looking forward to playing with the Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection some more! Thank you to Preen.Me for sending me these to play around with, and, like I said earlier, the Selfie Summer Collection should be available to purchase now at your local JCPenny

What do you all think about this collection? Are you one who loves a good basic cream during the summer months?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by Preen.Me complimentary as part of the Preen.Me VIP Program. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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