Black Cat Lacquer Review #2

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I have another Black Cat Lacquer beauty for you! It's another from what I'm just calling the Party Monster collection, because it just screams that movie and Club Kids! 

Black Cat Lacquer - Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a clear base filled with matte glitter of all shapes, sizes and colors. I LOVE LOVE LOVE matte glitter and this is no exception! The colors are fun and playful, the larger pieces of glitter aren't annoying and the shards are so much fun! 

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats

3 coats looks like it is on the thick side, but it really isn't at all.

This is 3 coats of Ecstasy. 

Left to right: Cult Nails - Nevermore, Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Matinee , Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Kiddy Flick , Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Comedy and Nicole by OPI - All Kendall-ed Up.

This is 2 coats of Ecstasy over 1 coat of Cult Nails - Nevermore. Normally I love a glitter top coat over Nevermore, but I guess I'm not a fan of it with a matte glitter. Ecstasy is so playful, it really deserves more than just a black, so for once, I didn't enjoy this combination.

This is 2 coats of Ecstasy over 2 coats of Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Matinee. Matinee is a matte white creme. I love matte polishes under glitter. Yes, the base in the top coat cancels the matte out, but for some reason they always look fantastic! I honestly think I might like combination better than a white based polish filled with colorful glitter. Ecstasy is so easy to work with and there is never issues trying to place glitter in certain areas. 

This is 2 coats of Ecstasy over 3 coats of Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Kiddy Flick. Kiddy Flick is a neon yellow matte jelly. This color is so much fun by itself, but I absolutely love this combination. I'm really kicking myself for not adding 1 more coat of Ecstasy then another of Kiddy Flick on top. I really think it would work as a jelly sandwich. I will have to try that out in the near future! 

This is 2 coats of Ecstasy over 2 coats of Max Makeup Cherimoya - Matte.n.a - Comedy. Comedy is a neon orange matte... it's kind of a jelly but it's kind of a creme. It is in that weird between stage. Either way it's a fun layering color! I really loved this pairing! The yellow matte glitter blended into Kiddy Flick, but you see the little specks on top of the orange here. You can tell Ecstasy is really a polish that wants to have some fun! It was never meant to be toned down.

This is 2 coats of Ecstasy over 2 coats of Nicole by OPI - All Kendall-ed Up. All Kendall-ed Up is the perfect Barbie hot pink. I wanted to use this one because the pink glitter in Ecstasy seemed to be on either sides of this shade. I was hoping they would both come out and play. You can see both of them, but the darker pink glitter does blend a little unfortunately. However, I do like this combination, but it's not as loud and exciting as a couple of the others and I think that's really how Ecstasy should be shown off. 

Ecstasy is a loud and in your face glitter top coat and I love it!! Matte glitter galore! A circus of colors! It's everything I want in a glitter top coat AND it's easy to work with! 

You can buy Ecstasy and several others at Black Cat Lacquer's ETSY shop for $9 a bottle. Well worth it in my opinion!! So versatile and fun! You can keep up with swatches and news over at Black Cat Lacquer's Facebook page. You won't be disappointed! 

**This product was sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**
Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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