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**The products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions 

Sunny over at 365 Days of Color sent me her GORGEOUS new La Boheme collection to show you all. When she first sent me pics of this collection swatched on nail wheels I knew loved it. Then, receiving the bottles and seeing them in person I was blown away. Just when you think you have a collection from her that is your absolute favorite, she went and made this collection. The colors are so much fun and vibrant. I really want to say this is my favorite collection she's done, but I know that will probably change as soon as her next collection comes out. Sunny is so very incredibly talented.

365 Days of Color - La Boheme Collection
Left to right: Gypsy Skirts, Vagabond, Nomad, Hippie Song, Free-Spirited and Frolicking

365 Days of Color - Gypsy Skirts

Gypsy skirts is a "light salmon peach cream with chartreuse micro glitter and small hex glitter along with moss green and rose pink squares". Dead on description. 

This is two coats of Gypsy Skirts with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coats.

Gypsy Skirts is inspired by long, flowing boho chic skirts. 

I love the visual I get when I wear the polish and think about the inspiration. The way the light hits the micro glitter as you move your fingers make it seem like it could be a flowing skirt.

Soft, subtle and so playful at the same time.

365 Days of Color - Vagabond

Vagabond is a "beautiful nude creme polish with dark royal blue micro and small hex glitters." It is a nude cream, but it's more of a nude with taupe and purple undertones. It's a stunning color!

This is two coats of Vagabond with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coats.

Since a vagabond travels from place to place, the nude is for the person and the glitter is for the starry sky they travel under. 

This is my favorite of the six. It's so simple but it made an impact. 

Something about it just draws me in. It's mesmerizing!

Nomad is a "mustard pastel cream with micro and square teal glitter".

This is two coats of Nomad with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coat.s

I'm totally loving this yellow and teal combination. No clue why I never thought of doing this combination on my own. 

How can you NOT love this polish? Even if you aren't a fan of yellows, this is a gorgeous polish.

365 Days of Color - Hippie Song

Hippie Song is a "light grey pastel cream with blue and turquoise shimmer".

This is two coats of Hippie Song with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coats.

I love what Sunny says about Hippie Song in the description, "Hippie Songs remind me of peace and love, and blue and turquoise make me really peaceful".

Hippie Song really is a very tranquil polish.

Gorgeous shimmer!

365 Days of Color - Free-Spirited

Free-Spirited is a "vibrant blue cream with copper shimmer throughout". 

This is two coats of Free-Spirited with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coats.

Sunny LOVES blue polishes. It really shows. This one is absolutely stunning!!

Blue and copper are such a wonderful combination. This is no exception. Look at that sparkle!

365 Days of Color - Frolicking

Frolicking is a "teal mint cream that is packed with small squares in tan and brown, holo pink squares and round magenta glitters".

This is two coats of Frolicking with Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast base and top coats.

I really thought this was going to be my favorite of the bunch. It's stunning, but Vagabond and Free-Spirited beat it out. This would definite come in third though!

So flirty and playful! 

All of the polishes in the La Boheme Collection applied beautifully. No pulling, no staining, easy clean up and a great dry time. There is a reason why 365 Days of Color is one of my top favorite indie brands. I get excited over everything she makes. These 6 polishes are no different. When I get really excited I'd normally say, "I can't wait to see what this year has in hold for such and such company" but right now all I can say is I can't wait to see what 365 Days of Color has in store for 2013! BIG BIG things people! 

All of her information is listed below. You can buy mini bottles for $4.50 per bottle and full sized bottles are $8 per bottle. She also makes the most amazing hand cream ($4 for 2oz and $8 for 4oz), cuticle balm ($3 for .5oz and $5 for a set of 3 samplers) and cuticle oils ($4 for 10ml and $6 for a set of 3 5ml samplers). If you need help picking scents (she has well over 100 different scents) some of my favorites are: Zombie Punch, Spellbinding (smells like Victoria's Secret's Love Spell), Lemon Verbena and Coconut Paradise. She even sells gift sets! Several different ones. It's good for if you want to try a little bit of everything or if you need a gift for someone (range from $9 to $14). And right now she has Easter mystery bags available for $20. There are 2 LE polishes available to get in those which you DON'T want to miss out on (be looking for that post on Monday).  

Some recently announced news from 365 Days of Color. 1) Starting next month she will be doing a "12 Months of Color" promotion. At the beginning of the month a polish will be introduced to the shop and will be available until the end of the month, when it will be retired. 2) From April to around August the 365 Days of Color store will only be open Friday through Sunday on the first and third weekends of every month. At least it's not a permanent change. :o)

Brand information:
Shop - http://www.365daysofcolorpolishes.com/
Blog - http://www.365-days-of-color.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/365daysofcolor
Twitter - https://twitter.com/365dayssunny

**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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