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MY LOVLIES!!! How I've missed you all! Sorry to be so M.I.A. lately. I fell down the stairs shortly after my last post and was stuck in bed for a while. Wasn't able to get to the spot where I take my pictures. Once I was able to start hobbling up and down the stairs my computer had issues. If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm back now! Feels so good too!!

I figured I'd come back with a bang and show you all my swatches of Zoya's PixieDust Textured polishes.


The PixieDust Collection is just the beginning of Zoya's answer to the matte texture polish fad with the addition of some beautiful sparkles. I haven't tried any of the OPI Liquid Sand polishes or any others, but I am in love with everything about the PixieDust polishes. Before I was able to take pictures, I tried out Nyx as soon as they arrived. Extremely smooth application and it stayed on for 7 days without chipping. I was VERY impressed! 

All of the PixieDust beauties in their packaging.

From left to right: DahliaChynaGodivaVespaNyx and London

Now onto the swatches!! 

Dahlia is described as a "black beauty with a sugared sparkle". In the bottle, it looks like a smooth black creme filled with silver glitter. Once it is on the nail, it looks like a matte paint that has been sprinkled with glitter before it dried. It's not overly gritty and the texture doesn't bother me like I thought I would. 

I thought I would show you all the difference in coats. I definitely preferred 3 coats. The color is more vivid, you get full coverage and you get just a bit more sparkle.

Each coat at a different angle in the light.

This is three coats of Dahlia.

Three coats went on perfectly smooth (or as smooth as a textured polish can be). The dry time on these is so quick it's practically non existent. 

Look at that sparkle! Almost looks like you could use it as the base for a galaxy manicure.

No staining and no issues removing the polish. 

Chyna is described as a "red dazzle with a sugared sparkle". In the bottle, it looks like it could give China Glaze - Ruby Pumps a run for it's money. On the nail, you still get that amazing ruby color and the amazing sparkle, but in a matte finish. 

Once again, three coats is perfect. Vibrant color, full coverage and brilliant sparkle. 

This is three coats of Chyna

Application and dry time on these were all the same so I'm not going to bore you with text about that from here on out. :o)

One of my favorite of the six in this collection. The perfect amount of everything in this polish!

Once again no staining and no issues with take off.

Godiva is described as a "soft nude with a sugared sparkle". In the bottle, it's the perfect nude creme filled with silver sparkle. On the nail, it's all that in a textured matte finish.

I love the definite differences between the three coats. Three coats ALWAYS wins with this collection.

This is three coats of Godiva.

If I had to wear one polish for the rest of my life. I'd be perfectly happy if it were Godiva. It's got the subtleness in the nude, the quirkiness in texture and matte and playfulness in the sparkle.

Love everything about this polish!

Vespa is described as a "mint kiss with a sugared sparkle". To me, it looks more like a sage green than a mint green. Either way, it's beautiful, in the bottle and on the nail! 

Once again, you see that three coats is best for vibrant color. 

Look at the sparkle, no matter what the number of coats is.

This is three coats of Vespa.

Vespa is a green lover's dream! Smooth application, gorgeous color, lovely sparkle and no staining! What more could you want?

Love this polish!

Nyx is described as a "perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle". Periwinkle is a great name for this color. Such a beautiful soft blue. I really love that they combine the texture and sparkle to call it a sugared sparkle. It's such a very fine texture that's a perfect description. 

Three coats is perfection. Beautiful blue with scattered sparkle. 

It's crazy how much it looks like there is a glossy top coat on here, but there isn't.

This is three coats of Nyx. Sorry for the blurriness, but I couldn't get a clean shot for some reason. 8 different ones and this was the best. I did like how the sparkle looked though, so I kept it.

Nyx is one of those colors that just calls to you.

London is described as a "fog gray with a sugared sparkle". Perfectly named! If you are fond of grays, this is your polish. Deep and kind of mysterious with just the right amount of sparkle.

With these polishes, three coats is always the answer. So much more...everything...in three coats.

This is three coats of London.

It's so hard to pick a favorite. Once you've thought you've fallen in love with one color, you've gone and put on another and you start the whole process over again. Such simple colors but with a little extra umph. 

Looks like glistening pavement to me. Something so beautiful in that simplicity.

Zoya knocked it out of the park with the PixieDust Collection. I used Cult Nails - Get It On as the base coat and the lasting time with minimal tip wear and zero chipping was seven days. I even took it off before anything more than minimal tip wear could happen. No clue how much longer it would have lasted. VERY impressive. Even though I haven't tried other textured polishes, as much as I want to do a comparison between them, I don't feel the need to get others. The PixieDust polishes are very satisfying and leave nothing to be desired.

You can purchase the PixieDust polishes on the Zoya website for $9 a piece or the sampler pack of all 6 for $54. Don't pass them up! They are absolutely beautiful and they are already planning to release a summer collection of them. Head over here to take a peek at the summer colors and maybe even pre-order them! They are bright and even more vibrant than these! You WON'T be disappointed!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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