A Girl Obsessed Matte-ict #3

10:05 AM


Today, I wanted to use Matte-ict on all my glitter toppers from A Girl Obsessed. I wanted you all to really get a feel for how amazing this matte top coat really is. After these last three posts, I really hope you understand why you need it in your life.

Cold Shattered Heart over OPI Amazon...Amazoff topped with Matte-ict.

Fractured Spirit over OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian topped with Matte-ict.

Whimsyshire over OPI Toucan Do It If You Try topped with Matte-ict.

Soft Kitty over OPI Red Hot Rio topped with Matte-ict.

Rich Mick over OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number topped with Matte-ict.

Yen Sid Wanna Be over SuperChic Lacquer Hot Springs Dipping Hole topped with Matte-ict.

Beautimouse Bowtique over Cameo Colours Lacquers Thursday topped with Matte-ict.

I think matte-ing the top coats was so much fun!! Matte-ict totally changes the way these look, and not in a bad way at all! When the A Girl Obsessed opens shop again, Matte-ict should be the first thing in your cart! Only $7 and this bottle will be your new best friend!!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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