Pug Posse Nail Lacquer June 2017 Releases Swatch and Review

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I've got a new to me brand to show you all on this first Monday in July. This brand has the most adorable name...Pug Posse Nail Lacquer. So cute, right?! There's even a little pug in her logo. You'll see that a bit closer when you get into the polishes in a bit. She sent me two collections and some wax melts to show you all. We are going to jump right in since there is so much going on in this post. 

She has so many different wax melts. Different shapes, sizes, and scents. The price range has a huge range due to some being small and some huge sets. 

Lavender Apple
Lavender Apple is described as "top notes of red delicious apple, raspberries, plum, and sugar; followed by middle notes of floral rosaceous green notes, lilac, pear, and eucalyptus; and sits on a powdery, woodsy musk base note (laundry scented)".

Malibu Barbie
Malibu Barbie is described as "strawberry passion, Hawaiian splash, and toasted marshmallow".

Maple Bourbon Cider
Maple Bourbon Cider is described as "apple, vanilla, maple, bourbon, cider, orange, nutmeg, clove, caramel, and toasted marshmallow".

Snugly Pugly/Fresh Cut Grass
Snugly Pugly/Fresh Cut Grass is described as "Snuggle fabric softener"..

You can find all the wax melts HERE. Browse through her listings. Not everything comes in all the scents, but if you wanted something custom I'm sure you could ask. You can find lists of her scents here, hereherehere, and here. All wax melts ship within 5 business days. I was not able to fully review these scents due to certain scents triggering migraines for me. But when I pulled these out to photograph, they did smell lovely. 

The first collection she sent me is the Take Me to Mars Collection. A set of four neon crellies that will not disappoint!

Strawberry Champagne is described as "a neon pink crelly".
Shown is two coats of Strawberry Champagne with top coat.

One Carrot is described as "a neon orange crelly".
Shown is two coats of One Carrot with top coat.

Grenade is described as "a neon green crelly".
Shown is two coats of Grenade with top coat.

Kiss the moon is described as "a bright neon blue crelly".
Shown is two coats of Kiss the Moon with top coat.

Each of the Take Me to Mars Collection polishes were opaque in two coats. The formula is smooth and quite impressive. I had a couple pigment flecks and streaks in mine, but I've been assured that issue has been completely resolved. I've seen some swatches from fellow bloggers and they didn't have any issues in theirs so I would definitely take her word for it. You can get the full Take Me to Mars Collection now for $32, as well as individually for $8.50. The Take Me to Mars Collection has a ship time of approximately 2 weeks.

The Pug Love Collection is the second collection she sent me to review. A set of five with a mix of shimmer and flakies but all inspired by her pug babies. 

Photo provided by maker
Poppy Cakes is described as "filled with white matte flakies and shimmer".
Shown is two coats of Poppy Cakes with top coat.

Photo provided by maker
Aiko's Unicorn is described as "a soft pinky coral with golden shimmer".
Shown is two coats of Aiko's Unicorn with top coat.

Photo provided by maker
The Olive Cafe is described as "a stunning metallic olive".
Shown is two coats of The Olive Cafe with top coat.

Photo provided by maker
The Supervisor is described as "a soft lavender with golden shimmer galore".
Shown is two coats of The Supervisor with top coat.

Photo provided by maker
Hugo's Gun Walk is described as "a grey metallic with flakies".
Shown is two coats of Hugo's Gun Walk with top coat.

Each of the Pug Love Collection beauties were perfect after two coats. I was stupid and didn't matte them, but, trust me, you will be tempted to slather these with matte top coat. I highly suggest you listen to that temptation and dive in. They will be gorgeous! The full Pug Love Collection can be purchased now for $40, but they are also available individually for $8.50. The approximate ship time on this one is 2 weeks. Make sure you are following Pug Posse Nail Lacquer on all of her social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales. 

What do you all think? Anything jump out at you? I think these are two quality collections to start off with. I was very impressed with her neons and think you all desperately need that pink! I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. I think I need some other scents of the wax too. There are some awesome scents in her lists that really called out to me. 

Pug Posse Nail Lacquer information:
Shop - http://sweetsagescents.bigcartel.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/pugpolish
Fan Group - www.facebook.com/groups/1708314132530759

Instagram - www.instagram.com/pug_posse_nail_lacquer

My information:
Blog - www.nakedwithoutpolish.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LacquerLoversUnite
Twitter - https://twitter.com/NkdWthoutPolish
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/nkdwthoutpolish/
Instagram - http://instagram.com/nakedwithoutpolish/

**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for photography and my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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