CVS Trip 3/23/12

1:16 AM

As I said in my video, I had to take my daughter to the doctor today (just a check up, no worries), so after I told her we could go to CVS (she loves it there and is starting to take after me it seems). I needed cotton balls anyways. So, I always let her pick a few Wet 'n' Wild polishes. The $0.99 ones are perfect for her. The display was pretty bare and there were only 6 colors left, so of course she decides they ALL need to come home with us. I was perfectly ok with that, but then I see a Spoiled color I need. So, my cotton ball trip turned into a mini haul. Here are the lovely ladies that found a home with us today! 

From left to right:
Jewelry Heist, Blue Moon, Metallica, Frosted Fuchsia, Burgundy Frost, Clear Nail Protector and Blazed

All in all a good trip, even though we definitely got more than we wanted. It didn't help either that once we got to the register, Maggie decided to grab some candy and open it. First time she's ever even offered to do that. From now on she's staying 3 feet away from the counter or anything for that matter. That girl is all hands! Can't wait to try these ladies out!

Happy Polishing!

Becky  :o)

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