11:07 PM

Ok, so GFC is no more. :o( I was trying to think of ways to be able to know how many followers I have cause I want to have a giveaway once I hit 50 followers! (I even already have the product! We just have to get the numbers up.) I'm doing what I can, and it sucks that I was sick this week, but I'm getting back on track! So, I'm now working on my Hellocotton account to be linked to this. I've already added the button over on the side so PLEASE follow my page that way so I can keep track. The number is 50! Then I've got a package of 2 items (that have already been purchased) that will go to 1 lucky follower. Feedback is always appreciated guys! Share the love! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

P.S. I just did a spring mani using my new Juleps!!! LOVING MY APRIL MAVEN BOX!!! Will take pics to post tomorrow!! I'm officially in love with all things Julep!

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