May Birchbox and Target Beauty Bag

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Yesterday, I went to get the mail and to my lovely surprise, there was my May Birchbox and my first Target Beauty Bag! I was so excited! 

This month, Birchbox let us know that they were going to be Gossip Girl themed. I have only been a fan of Gossip Girl for the past 8 months. I came across it on Netflix and was hooked! So, I was very excited to see where they were going to take the box this month. I enjoyed my first Birchbox, but many of the items ended up being disappointing, which is why I didn't do a full review after making my original post. All I can say is this month did NOT disappoint! I'm very excited about it! 

 The theme of my box was Chic Sunday Brunch.

 A list of all my goodies, their descriptions and the prices of full sized products.

 mmmmmm cologne!

 Fun goodies!!

 card, postcard, Twistband hair tie, Atelier Cologne - Vanilla Insensee, Color Club mini - Disco Nap, Dr. Jart+ - BB Beauty Balm, and Fresh - Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.
 Color Club - Disco Nap

Close up of Disco Nap. Beautiful gold shimmer. 

I'm not usually a fan of anything scented vanilla, so I had to do a small test with the cologne last night. It's strong at first. Probably stronger than I'd normally like, but the vanilla scent is very faint. For me, it's more of a night time scent. Unfortunately, I never go anywhere at night. lol I'll keep it around just in case. It's not horrible, and my husband enjoyed it. That's what matters, right? I tested the polish on one of Maggie's fingers and it's just a simple gold shimmer. It's soft and beautiful! The lip treatment smells AMAZING! I put a little on last night and it feels great on and tastes delicious. I'm going to enjoy it! The only items I've yet to try is the beauty balm and the hair tie. 

Next is my Target Beauty Bag. This was my first one. They seem to be hard to get. Everyone trying to use FB to get them all at once makes things so so very slow. I was so very pleased to see that I was able to get one this time around! 

 Such a pretty bag! It's so soft too!

There is nothing in this bag I won't use. I'm excited about it all. I actually used a little of the lotion last night. It felt great, but it was ahis little thinner than I usually like. I love thick and creamy lotions! I've been wanting a good facial cleansing wipe and I haven't tried these yet, so I'm looking forward to them too. Also, the primer. I've been using an eye primer but not a face primer, so that will be fun to try! Just disappointed I have a shampoo and no conditioner. Seems a little ridiculous to me. 

All in all very pleased this month! I will let you know how I enjoy all the products!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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