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12:45 AM

I got some nail mail today that I've been SOOOOOOO excited about!! I won a giveaway that Emily at The Lacquerologist was having. I was dying to win it because I haven't had the chance to buy any indie polishes yet and if I could win one, then that would satisfy my craving without having to narrow down my choices myself. So, what was this little beauty that I finally get to call mine?! Lacquistry's Undertow. And oh man, is it pretty! So shiny!! 

A few days after I won, I noticed on her Facebook page that she had posted some polishes I had been on the hunt for... Wet n Wild's coloricon Bejeweled collection. I had been looking for 2 sets for me and a fellow blogger but was only able to find 2 out of the 5 for each of us. I asked if she had sent my winnings out yet and if not, would she be willing to see if she could hunt down the other 3 for us. Sure enough, she did!! I couldn't be more grateful!! They are so pretty!! The 3 she had found for us was Speak When Spoken To, Jewels for Your Highness and Bow in My Presence. They seem to be similar to the China Glaze Prismatics (except there is 6 in that collection). 

 My pretties!!

 Lacquistry - Undertow

 Close up of Undertow. This picture makes it look like oatmeal compared to what I'm looking at now. A clear base filled with probably the most beautiful blue micro glitter I've ever seen! 

My collection is complete!!

 Wet n Wild - coloricon - Speak When Spoken To

Close up of Speak When Spoken To. Purple tinted prismatic duochrome with multi colored glitter.

 Wet n Wild - coloricon - Jewels for Your Highness

Close up of Jewels for Your Highness. A pink tinted prismatic duochrome with multicolored glitter.

Wet n Wild - coloricon - Bow in My Presence

Close up of Bow in My Presence. A blue tinted prismatic duochrome with multicolored glitter.

All lovely colors! I'm so excited to try them out and thank you thank you thank you, Emily!! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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