Maggie's Corner #6 - Tiny Teal Toes

12:01 AM

Maggie had a rough night last night (trying to get rid of the binky). She had been cranky and throwing fits, but somehow she still manages to look this cute...

Such a goober! (This is the cubby I take my photos in until I get a light box)

She's been eyeing my new polishes since I got them, so I had to let her pick. She went right for essence Color & Go - Choose Me! I don't blame her. It's beautiful! 

I used it on the last mani I did and it's just lovely. I only did 1 coat of it on her toes like I always do. It came out beautiful minus the messiness that usually happens with her pedis and her fidgeting. 

 I love baby toes!!

Until next time...

Happy Polishing!!

Becky and Maggie  :o)

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