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I had told you all that I was on a little hiatus in January due to moving all my polish and supplies to our guest room. Our guest room rarely got used. It was just a room sitting around. Now, it gets used every day! I took some pictures and thought I'd give you all a peek into the room and show you all the details! 

Starting with the above photo, we painted the wall red when we moved in to go with the black and white bedding. The sconces were used as the bedside lamps and the wooden piece on the wall was the head board. We didn't have the shelves in when the bed was there, as they can't really hold much. I was really excited to be able to use a few of them for this.

My husband surprised me one day and set up my light tent and lamps in the corner. Not shown in the picture are the black curtains he hung so I could take photos during the day without any unwanted light coming in. We found the desk and the chair at a Goodwill. Absolutely perfect and a great price! My husband then surprised me and brought home a fantastic lamp for the desk and put a daylight bulb in it to make it even better! Not in the picture, but I now have this Scentsy warmer on top of the base of the lamp. It's a fun addition visually and nasally (I don't know if that word works there or not, but it makes the room smell amazing and drowns out the smell of acetone and nail polish!).

I found these fun glasses at Dollar Tree. The one with the mustache has my nail art brushes and dotting tools, the clear one in the back has my nail files, a tall skinny one with hearts on the left has orange wood sticks, and in the front are pens and scissors (I've gotten smaller, better scissors since I took this photo). I found the darling nail polish highlighters at Bed, Bath & Beyond on clearance. I was so excited when I found them on clearance! Then of course, tape for when I get the guts to try using it again (last time I used it in a mani it was a disaster). The wonderful husband also brought me home a large tape dispenser for me to put striping tape on it. Really excited to try to use all the striping tape I have!

Next to my husband's laptop (which he is a doll for letting me use, when he isn't using it, for the past year and a half), is a plexiglass make-up organizer that I never could find a use for...until now! I've got my Revlon nail art sticks in the slots where lipstick would normally go. In the other spots I've got my manicure basics for when I'm swatching: GelousBeauty Secrets base coatNail EnvyB-Shiny top coatthinnerRemove+, Orly Nail Repair powder, Sunny's Miracle BalmThat's a Wrap liquid nail tape, and my foam piece for when I need help opening bottles. 

In front of that is a plastic butter dish I found at Dollar Tree. I use that to keep my nail clippers, clean up brush, cuticle balm brush, tweezers, cuticle pusher, nail cleaner, and buffer block. I keep a desk pad on my desk to protect my desk from polish and remover. It's fantastic and only $6. I recommend it to anyone with a polish desk! Plus, I decorated underneath the pad with drawings my daughter did and some stuff I get in packages. I have pretty things to look at and they are protected! 

The large glass container in the back, I found in the "As Is" section at my local Ikea a few years ago. It's perfect for cotton balls! In front of that is a heart shaped glass dish I found at Dollar Tree. In it, I keep all my cuticle oils, super glue, and Orly Nail Repair glue. 

In the blue drawers to the left of the cotton ball jar, is a vast mixture of goodies. In the bottom drawer, is all my extra clean up brushes and my unused nail wheels. In the next drawer up I have hand creams, sugar scrubs, cuticle balms, and all my Zoya sampler spoons that they used to send with their collections (I don't know about you all, but I miss them!). In the drawer above that is all my nail art glitter, rhinestones, flowers, etc. Lastly, in the top drawer are miscellaneous nail wraps (that I have no idea why I have) and my used nail wheels.  

On my first shelf, I keep my OPI minis and my Otaku Polish minis. I want to find little figurines from the movies the Otaku Polish is inspired by to go around them. I think it would look so cute! So if anyone knows of little My Neighbor Totoro and/or Howl's Moving Castle figurines, PLEASE let me know!! 

On my other shelf, I keep my lovely Louboutin, Black Spotted, Pure, some pretties I got in nail mail, and a Nailtini that doesn't really fit anywhere else. 

Underneath my desk is a little shelf. It's super convenient! I keep my Scentsy bars on the right side, power outlet in the middle, and on the left are these bins I found at Dollar Tree. In the top one are my polishes that I need to swatch, the middle are all top coats (glossy and matte), and under that are all my base coats.

In the drawers to the right of the photo are shipping supplies, extra cotton balls, foam bottle openers, extra drawer liners, and more. On top of the drawers is a little rock fountain that helps me relax when my mind is racing too hard to focus and a bin I keep anything that needs to be mailed out. Nothing of importance to my polish room are in the other drawers. That is why they are blocked and can't be opened. 

Moving on, to the Helmers, those three are all full! They are organized alphabetically by brand and alphabetically within each brand. However, all my polish doesn't fit into 3 Helmers. The two boxes to the left of the them (under the pink bin), and the two giant bags next to the boxes (not including the small bag of trash on top) are all full of polish that I need to buy more storage for. On top of my Helmers are crossword puzzle books (that I like to do when I'm feeling burnt out to get my brain on the right track), boxes that I use to ship stuff, and extra Post-It pads and such. 

On top of the drawers that can't be used, are two more bins I snagged at Dollar Tree. One, I use for all my back up polishes, and the other is for all of my daughter's polishes for when she wants to paint her own nails. Next to that is a large bin where I keep my large tub of acetone, other miscellaneous bottles of remover, and other random items that don't quite have a spot.

Last, but not least, my wall. This is where I put all my polishes from companies who are no longer with us, or the random few that I know I will never buy again. 

So, there you have it! With the exception of a couple little things I still am saving up to do, that's my room! This is where I've been spending my time lately. It's my little piece of heaven, and I'm beyond happy with it!

Do you have a polish room or area? I'd love to see it!

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**Nothing to disclose.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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