Cinema Swatch Lacquers My Secret Garden Collection Swatch and Review

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

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I'm so glad I finally get to show you all the newest collection to the Cinema Swatch Lacquers family. She released it a few weeks ago, then right after I received it, she was called away to be with her sick mother. I put it on hold so that there wouldn't be an influx of sales while she was away. She got back last week, got caught up on orders, and has had time to breathe. 

The My Secret Garden Collection is inspired by the movie The Secret Garden, but instead of characters, witty lines, or scenes from the movie, Rachel opted to name the polishes after actual flowers. She really wanted these to be a big, beautiful bouquet of sorts. There are sixteen polishes in this collection, and can be broken into three different sets, but because she wanted them to stay together as much as possible, My Secret Garden Collection is only available in minis. Normally, I'm not a fan of minis, but with the way she has treated this collection it just makes sense.

You ready?!


The adorable packaging My Secret Garden Collection comes in if you buy the entire collection.

My bottles were a little jumbled, but there were no fatalities.

A little peek at the top once the ribbon is removed.

Inside is a little booklet that tells you a little about what is inside the package, and a few suggestions about possible combinations.

Rachel included a hand painted watercolor flower. This one, in particular, is a Rum Runner Hibiscus. She did such a lovely job! I have it displayed on my desk. I'm not sure if there are other flowers, or only this one, but it is beautiful! Her personal touches always make me smile.

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You ready to come with me on a little walk through her vision of My Secret Garden?!

First up is the Stems and Standards Set.

Buttercup is described as "a yellow cream with golden shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Buttercup.
Buttercup is a cream, but applies thin. A bit streaky at first but fully leveled and opaque by three coats. A beautiful, vibrant yellow that would be lovely on any skin tone. 

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Peony is described as "a white cream with silver shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Peony.
As a sucker for a clean white polish, Peony stole my heart. Three coats needed for full opacity, but it is pure and clean. It's refreshing.

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Morning Glory is described as "a pastel blue cream with violet shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Morning Glory.
Morning Glory is a whimsical shade of blue. The violet shimmer pops in flashes of light. A little streaky at first, but levels out at three coats.

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Bells of Ireland is described as "a green cream with emerald shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Bells of Ireland.
My favorite of the Stems and Standards SetBells of Ireland is a soft green that is just screaming for Spring to come around. Three lovely coats for full opacity, and it's sure to make you smile.

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Sweet Pea is described as "a vibrant pink cream with red shimmer".
Shown is three coats of Sweet Pea.
As hard as I try not to like pink sometimes, Sweet Pea requires attention. It's the Mean Girl of the group. No matter how lovely the other polishes are, you're going to be drawn to it. It is bright and powerful. Need confidence? Toss Sweet Pea on! You'll immediately want to take on the world.

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African Violet is described as "a purple cream with bronze shimmer".
Shown is three coats of African Violet.
African Violet pretty much caused me to do a little happy dance when I was done applying it. It's playful and happy. Three coats for full opacity and you're good to go!

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Next up is the Texture Petals Set.
These are all named after different carnations.

Fiorella is described as "an orange gold texture".
Shown is one coat of Fiorella over Bells of Ireland.
Fiorella surprised me. The flashes of pink shimmer hidden among the orange glitter give it so much dimension. Orange is rarely a favorite color of mine, but this polish is up there.

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Evita is described as "a purple texture".
Shown is one coat of Evita over Buttercup.
Evita is soft and flirty and would look lovely over just about anything.

Source: floristssupply

Moondust is described as "a grey metallic texture".
Shown is one coat of Moondust over African Violet.
Moondust has the perfect amount of iridescent shimmer, and the ability to transform anything you put it over. It's sure to be that go to polish for when you need a little extra something, but not sure exactly what it is.

Chic Mint is described as "a green texture".
Shown is one coat of Chic Mint over Sweet Pea.
Bright and whimsical, Chic Mint almost had me sniffing my nails wishing it was scented like mint. My argument as to why you need it? It's mint! Who doesn't want mint toppers?!

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Natila is described as "a pink texture".
Shown is one coat of Natila over Morning Glory.
Natila makes me think of candy sprinkles on cookies or cupcakes. Please don't eat it though! It may look good enough to eat, but trust me you'll want to stare at this beauty all day!

Source: floraqueen

Watercolor is described as "a blue texture".
Shown is one coat of Watercolor over Peony.
Watercolor is the perfect name for this beauty. When on the nail, the iridescent shimmer sort of gives it a playful watercolor effect. I'm definitely playing around with this one more later on.

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The Texture Petals do dry very quickly, so apply fast and accurately. They have a subtle texture finish. Nothing obnoxious. All the above are shown without top coat so you can see the bit of texture.

Lastly, I have the Exotic Petals to show you.

Lupine Cottage is described as "multichrome flakies, iridescent flakies, and pink and red crystal hexes".
Shown is one coat of Lupine Cottage over Old Sport.
Lupine Cottage is a mix of lovely jewel tones in a bottle. A wonderfully unique combination of glitter. 

Source: outsidepride

Akita Dahlia is described as "a mix of lovely multichrome flakies with beautiful lavender flakies so you get the full spectrum of this flower: purple, red, yellow, and green".
Shown is one coat of Akita Dahlia over The Bay.
In the bottle, it's hard to see the inspiration. Once Akita Dahlia is on the nail, you see the shifts of color separated out. Just like the petals of this lovely flower, opened up and spread out for all to see.

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Blue Orchid is described as "multichrome flakies, navy flakies and black crystal hexes swirl together to mimic this gorgeous tropical flower".
Shown is one coat of Blue Orchid over Marie's Retreat.
The layers that you get from one coat of Blue Orchid hold so much depth. She's blended these glitters together to create one of the most perfect toppers.

Source: blueorchid

Rum Runner Hibiscus is described as "boasting magenta flakies, multichrome flakies, and delicate crystal blue hexes".
Shown is one coat of Rum Runner Hibiscus over Eat Cake.
Another favorite from this set, Rum Runner Hibiscus is in a class of it's own. It is bright and vibrant and craves attention. It's beautiful, and you need it...NOW!

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How was your walk? Mine was lovely! I can almost smell the scent of flowers lingering in the air. A beautiful way to bring to life a garden all of us have wanted to enter at some point. My Secret Garden Collection holds just as much mystery and beauty as the movie (and book). 

My Secret Garden Collection can be purchased as a whole for $58. Want to buy sets separately? The Stems and Standards Set is $22, the Texture Petals Set is $22, and the Exotic Petals Set is $18. Don't want the sets, and want to buy polishes separately? Polishes from the Stems and Standards Set and the Texture Petals Set can be purchased for $4 each and the polishes from the Exotic Petals Set are $5 each.

She put her heart into this collection, and it shows. Head over to and look around. She even has hand carefoot careliquid nail tapelip scrubs, and gift sets. She's got a little bit of something for everyone. 

Now through Wednesday April 1st, use the code CLEANUP25 to get 25% off your entire purchase. She's trying to clear out product to make room for more! If you make a purchase, let me know what you get! 

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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