Floss Gloss Honey and Wet Review and Swatches

2:29 PM

**Purchased by me with my own money.**

I am SUPER excited about today's post! I have been wanting these two polishes from Floss Gloss for as long as I can remember knowing about them. One day, I get an e-mail from Gloss48 telling me that I had a $20 credit. I had no idea, and I immediately got excited. I started flipping through polishes and doing research on every single one. There are so many brands I hadn't really taken time to notice. After doing research, there are valid reasons why. A lot of them weren't anything special. Then I get to all the polishes from Floss Gloss. There was the hard part. Deciding which duo I wanted. I only have one other polish from them, but there are several others I have on my wish list. I finally gave my girlfriend the power to pick which one I got. She chose this one. I couldn't have been happier! 

Honey is described as "a holographic bronze".
Shown is three coats of Honey first with daylight lamps then with flash.
Honey is a smooth, caramel colored jelly filled with bronze holographic hex glitter. Full coverage doesn't happen after three coats, but you don't really care with this beauty. It's beautiful! Don't use it as a topper unless you have a brown/caramel colored base. 

with flash

with flash

with flash

Wet is described as "a vibrant electric turquoise cream".
Shown is three coats of Wet.
Wet is thin, and applies slightly streaky. Three coats is needed for full coverage and evening out. 

I am in love with both of these. Wet is perfection! I can't get over the color and wish these bottles were bigger. Honey is a silent beauty. Looks like something you'd already have, but you put it on and you're blown away. 

If you don't have anything from Floss Gloss, you need to rethink your decisions. These are fantastic polishes and when you wear them you have a pep in your step and feel happy. 

What do you think of these? Do you have anything from them?

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**Purchased by me with my own money.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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