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LynBDesigns Art of the Tease Collection Swatch and Review

**The product in this post was provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Source: 303Magazine

Happy Monday, everyone!! It's a bit chilly here, and for whatever reason they've closed schools...AGAIN! UGH! No clue why. Most days they've cancelled we can't figure out why. So frustrating, but now we get another fun family day since my husband is home from work this week. 

To keep any of you from getting a horrible case of the Mondays, I have got swatches of the upcoming Art of the Tease Collection from LynBDesigns. Art of the Tease Collection is inspired by vintage burlesque. This collection is full of femininity, sheer beauty, mystique, and glitz. The collection oozes burlesque and it's a tease in the best sense of the word. 

Bump 'N' Grind is described as "a sheer jelly base with color shift that changes from green to blue to purple to red ".
Shown is three coats of Bump 'N' Grind.
Bump 'N' Grind was one of the polishes that surprised me from this group. In the bottle, I thought it was just another color-shifting ultrachrome type, but Bump 'N' Grind is so much more. There is a wonderful mystery about her. Moving your fingers to see the watch the colors changing is like having your own little burlesque show. You know what's coming, but you're still in awe of what you see when it shows up.

Source: BurlesqueFest

Dirty Martini is described as "a sheer dirty grey base loaded with silver flakies".
Shown is four coats of Dirty Martini as well as one coat of Dirty Martini over Zoya Tiana.
Dirty Martini is the perfect topper to wet your whistle. The beautiful platinum flakies everyone has been swooning over in a grey tinted base is a welcomed change to the basic topper.

Source: SodaHead

Follies is described as "a purple toned grey crelly with white flakes".
Shown is three coats of Follies.
Follies is sure to make you smile. The soft purple crelly is etherial and the addition of the flakies adds a bit of whimsy. It's perfect as a playful accent nail, but will definitely wow as a full manicure. It's a subtle beauty, but she doesn't disappoint.

Source: HetDepot

Fan Dance is described as "a white crelly base with golden flakes".
Shown is three coats of Fan Dance.
Fan Dance steals the usual! A simple, sheer, white crelly with peek-a-boos of golden flakes that will keep your eyes dancing over your nails.

Source: Burlexe

Gypsy Rose is described as "a bright red linear holographic".
Shown is three coats of Gypsy Rose.
Ahh! Gypsy Rose! If you haven't seen the movie Gypsy, do! It's based on a true story, and she was the inspiration for this beauty. I've been wanting a true red linear holographic, and Gypsy Rose is a holo'd jelly dream!

Source: Telegraph

with flash

with flash

Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It is described as "a bright blue jelly loaded with silver galaxy holo glitter".
Shown is three coats of Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.
Mae West is the inspiration for Goodness Had Nothing to Do With it. Taken from the title of her autobiography, it is a sassy blue jelly with enough sparkle to mimic the laughter in her eyes. Mae knew how to capture her audience, and this polish is sure to do the same!

Source: Triadstage

Serious Bettie is described as "a cool toned green jelly base with a linear holographic effect".
Shown is three coats of Serious Bettie.
The scandalous Bettie Page might be one of the more famous beauties from the vintage burlesque scene, and I'm predicting that Serious Bettie will be the best seller from this collection. The color is perfection and I was taken by her from the first stroke on my nail. 

Source: FanPop

with flash

with flash

Stage Kitten is described as "a clear based topper with black and white hexes in multiple sizes".
Shown is two coats of Stage Kitten over Zoya Eden.
In case you didn't know, a stage kitten is one who cleans up the "items" on the stage after a show. The use of this as a topper is brilliant! Stage Kitten is simple, but enough to make any cream a playful mess. 

Source: PA Burlesque

Zeitgeist is described as "a pale purple jelly base with linear holo and silver flakies".
Shown is four coats of Zeitgeist as well as one coat of Zeitgeist over Zoya Lillian.
Zeitgeist is the dominant school of thought that influences the culture of a particular period in time. Burlesque didn't just influence it's time, but it's still influencing us today. It truly is a zeitgeist, and this is a stunner!

Source: PixShark

with flash

with flash

with flash

with flash

Tempest is described as "a bright orange jelly base with shimmer that shifts from pink to yellow to gold".
Shown is three coats of Tempest.
Tempest Storm was a well known burlesque dancer in the 1950's and 1960's. She was known for her bright, orange tresses. I have to say, Jennalyn, got the color of the polish to, pretty much, be spot on to match Tempest's hair. Another favorite orange from the LynBDesigns catalogue.

Source: QC Times

With each polish I used B-Sticky base coat ($6), B-Shiny top coat ($6), and B-Moisturized cuticle oil ($6). 

Art of the Tease Collection is a breath of fresh air. It has so much character and personality. You see every bit of inspiration in the polishes. I love when you can say that about a collection and it's not just named slapped onto polishes as an afterthought.

These polishes applied well with minimal to no clean up needed. A couple of the polishes (namely Zeitgeist and Dirty Martini) need to be used with patience if you are looking for full coverage. I did four coats of both and would have preferred to do 1-2 more coats for better coverage, but they still turned out absolutely lovely!

Art of the Tease Collection will be available on Friday March 6th at 7 pm EST. The bottles will range from $8 to $12 a piece. Don't forget about the Essentials!! LynBDesigns has some wonderful base coats and top coats!

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**The product in this post was provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)


Jenny Olesen said...

This is a fantastic collection! Serious Bettie is my favorite, but there are several that are right behind her. Very nice swatches!

Blingfinger said...

That's an awesome collection, Dirty Martini is my favorite!

Karen Pish.posh.polish said...

This collection is so unique! Dirty Martini is my favorite!

Naked Without Polish said...

It really is! Thank you!

Naked Without Polish said...

Isn't it great?!

Tracey said...

What a stunning collection :)

Naked Without Polish said...

I think so too!! I love how unique it is!

Tamara Marie said...

OMG I want them all!!! What an amazing collection! Beautiful swatches!

Naked Without Polish said...

I love that you guys are loving Dirty Martini so much!

Naked Without Polish said...

Definitely splurge and get them al! You won't regret it!

Manna's Manis said...

Fantastic collection! I think Bettie is my fav

Makenna Driscoll said...

Oh these are all so perfect!! Fan dance and bump-n-grind are my favorites!!

Charlotte said...

This is a really cool and diverse collection! The inspiration is really fun and there is definitely something here for everyone.

Phoebe (pastelpolish) said...

I really like this collection! It has a bit of everything :)

Naked Without Polish said...

Bettie is right up your alley!!

Naked Without Polish said...

Most of her collections are like that. That's why I love her stuff!

Naked Without Polish said...

Right?! I'm obsessed with Fan Dance!

Naked Without Polish said...

It does!! Very well rounded!

Polished Hippy said...

Yeah, the majority of these are on their way to me, lol

Polished Techie said...

great collection

acidicice said...

This collection is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Your swatches are awesome. They make me want to BUY ALL THE THINGS!

Naked Without Polish said...

You're going to love them, An! Then probably want to buy the ones you don't have yet. LOL

Naked Without Polish said...

Good! My evil plan is working!

Dani FromPolishwithLove said...

Beautiful swatches! Bump & Grind and Fan Dance have to be my favorites!!

Polish & Plates said...

Fantastic post! This had to have been so much work! Love the old burlesque photos!

Savannah of Addicted to Polish said...

Love the theme of this collection! Serious Betty is my absolute favorite!

Nadia Mamaheartspolish said...

Gorgeous colors! I'm in love with Bump N Grind and Follies, I don't have any that are quite like those. I do have several multichromes but they are still not the same as Bump N Grind.

Roselynn787 said...

The macro for Bump 'N' Grind had me drooling. Beautiful swatches.

Naked Without Polish said...

Yeah, I didn't want to take her off! I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did. I did some chores around the house so I wouldn't have to take it off immediately.

Naked Without Polish said...

Bump 'N' Grind is so unique. I was surprised how much I liked it!

Naked Without Polish said...

Thank you so much!

Naked Without Polish said...

Not at all! When it's easy to feel the inspiration behind a collection it's easy to find things to go along with it. Her Roommate Agreement Collection post took me the longest to put together. Trying to narrow down gifs is hard. haha

Naked Without Polish said...

Thank you! They are stunning! I still have Fan Dance out to wear again soon.

Style Those Nails said...

Dirty martini is just out of world and that blue holo is amazing. You have awesome polishes.

Naked Without Polish said...

She has wonderful polishes@ There's a reason she's in my top 3 favorite indies!

Breanna ♥ More than Love said...

I love these all and absolutely cannot pick a favorite! You look great in all of those colors - I'm jealous!

Naked Without Polish said...

Thank you! :)

Shawna Harrold said...

Bump n grind is gorgeous!!

Amy Hoye said...

These are all gorgeous, I don't think I could pick a favorite! I'm overwhelmed with awesome.

Naked Without Polish said...

That is definitely NOT a bad thing! haha

Naked Without Polish said...

She really is!!

Amy L said...

These are all really pretty! i don't think I can pick a favorite.

Michelle Chouinard said...

I adore Bump 'N' Grind and Gypsy Rose!

Naked Without Polish said...

It's super hard to!

Naked Without Polish said...

Both were surprising!!

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