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**Press Release**

Roman Halloween!

Boo! I bet you weren't expecting a spooky polish in May, but it just so happens that the Romans celebrated a downright ghostly holiday this month! Check out our monthly When in Rome release below...
Lemuria was a three-day festival in May when the Romans exorcised restless spirits from their homes.
These furry primates were named after the lemures thanks to their nocturnal way of life.
They do look a little ghostly, don't they?
These spirits (lemures) were believed to be the ghosts of people who hadn't received the proper funeral rites and respect from their descendants. At midnight, the head of the household would walk through the house barefoot while tossing black beans over his shoulder as an offering to the lemures. Then the rest of the family would bang pots together to scare off the ghosts.

Because of Lemuria, the whole month of May was considered an unlucky time to get married!

Lemuria: a dark steely blue linear holo with blue holo microglitter and green glass flecks
$11 for 15 ml / $5 for 5 ml

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**Press Release**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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