Ruby Kisses Ruby Stars Swatch and Review

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**The product in this post was gifted to me by a friend.**

I have had a horrid, horrid morning. I thought it was going to start out beautifully! Wonderful weather, daughter woke up cheerful, I woke up well rested...we were going to take on the world. Then, I had to take my car to the body shop, and the rental company I had to deal with turned out to be rude jerks (won't go into full details, but just stay away from them! My husband even had to deal with them in a completely different state and left a poor review about how he was treated.). Never working with Hertz rental again. The insurance company swooped in and figured out a way for me to switch to Enterprise and my day is half gone but saved! Anyway, now onto why you're REALLY here! 

A few weeks ago, I posted about OPI's Man of La Mancha that I found on a Pinterest sale board. In that package, she included a little something extra. I had never heard of Ruby Kisses before this, but I definitely want to try to find more!
Ruby Stars is a lovely, squishy, red jelly with red metallic glitter.
Shown is three coats of Ruby Stars.

Ruby Stars had such a perfectly smooth application. I was impressed with every aspect of this polish. Honestly, it was a huge surprise. I really wish I knew where to find more of these and how much they were. I'd definitely buy some. If you ever come across Ruby Kisses products don't think twice! Grab a few!

Do you have any Ruby Kisses products? What do you think of them?

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**The product in this post was gifted to me by a friend.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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