Black Dahlia Lacquer Dual Spring Collections Press Release

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**Press Release**

I was out of town and wasn't able to post, so this is a few days late. Sorry! 

Independent nail polish company Black Dahlia Lacquer will debut two spring collections that include 14 polishes today, April 3 at 6 pm CST. Holo Petals is a 6-polish collection that includes three scattered holos and three linear holos, while the Leaf by Leaf Collection contains eight polishes that include jellies, crellies, shimmers and cremes.

Here’s a look at the Holo Petals Collection:
Magical Moss: Silvered celery green linear holo with silver and aqua micro glitter and blue glass flecks
Gold Rush: Gold linear holo packed with holographic gold micro glitter and gold shimmer
Mountain Laurel: Orchid pink linear holo with blue and purple glass flecks, and loaded with violet and aqua shimmer
Turquoise Hibiscus: Turquoise scattered holo with glass flecks that shift from violet to blue to green, and blue and green micro to small hex glitter
Moonlight Daisy: Royal blue scattered holo with blue, turquoise and silver micro glitter, red glass flecks and sapphire shimmer
Lilacs in Lava: Lavender scattered holo with neon purple flakies and glass flecks that shift from red to orange to gold

Here’s a peek at the Leaf by Leaf Collection:
Dandelion Explosion: Bright coral orange crelly with matte mustard yellow and orange hexes in a variety of sizes and a splash of hot pink matte squares
Glass Orchid: Bright blue-green jelly with holographic aqua and navy glitter in an assortment of sizes
Rose Petals: Raspberry pink crelly with glass flecks that shift from red to orange to yellow
Striped Peonies: Plum crelly with gold, rose and blue flakies, and glass flecks that shift from turquoise to violet to red
Teal Hydrangea: Mint teal crelly
Grape Hyacinth: Full coverage glitter in a violet jelly packed with blue, aqua and green holo glitter, with accents of purple, iridescent blue-purple and silver glitter, and lavender shimmer
Grey Twilight Organza: Medium grey crelly with large holo red and violet dots, and small and large holo silver hex glitter (Note that this polish is on the thick side to ensure large glitter remains suspended.)
Speckled Lilac: Pale lilac crelly with small matte mint hexes, light blue and aqua squares, periwinkle hexes and small metallic purple glitter
A handful of polishes including Teal Hydrangea, Grey Twilight Organza, Rose Petals and Gold Rush were formerly released in very limited quantities as mystery polishes and have been brought back as regular releases following fan requests. Turquoise Hibiscus was previously released as a Dahlia Batch polish. Dahlia Batch polishes are typically mixed only once, but Turquoise Hibiscus was brought back after numerous requests for a wider release.
     Polishes can be purchased at Black Dahlia Lacquer polish is also available at a dozen retail stores and Web sites. To find the closest retailer, click the  “distributors and retail” link at the top of our main Web site. Most polishes will cost $6 for the 8 ml version and $9.50 for the 14 ml full size. Magical Moss, Gold Rush and Mountain Laurel will cost $6.75 for the 8 ml size and $10.75 for the full size version.
All Black Dahlia Lacquer polish is mixed by hand in small batches and has undergone rigorous testing prior to release. The company is owned by Deanna Morey, a former writer, and her daughter Aubrey Sheffield, a college student.

**Press Release**

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