Monday, June 29, 2015

LynBDesigns No Forgiving You Now Collection Swatch and Review

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Hello, all! I'm back! I had a wonderful week with my visiting company, but I've missed you all. I have so much to show you that I got backed up on. I'm not going to blabber off here because I'm too excited to show these off. 

Two weeks ago I showed you all swatches of LynBDesigns The Name is Everything Collection, the first of three Harry Potter inspired collections. Today, I have the second of the Harry Potter inspired collections, No Forgiving You Now Collection. Inspired by the Unforgivable Curses, this collection is my favorite of the three. I'm a fan of dark colors during the summer. These three are all black based and flakie filled. Can't go wrong!!
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Servitude is described as "a black jelly base loaded with blue flakes, iridescent micro glitters, and iridescent micro flakies".
Shown is three coats of Servitude.
Servitude is named for the Imperius Curse (imperio), a "tool of the dark arts" that "places the victim completely under the caster's control"...a servant if you will. Servitude is beautifully mysterious. You will get lost gazing into it. 

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Pain is described as "a black jelly base loaded with red flakes, red micro glitter, and black and white shreds, ".
Shown is three coats of Pain.
Pain is named for the Cruciatus Curse (crucio), a "tool of the dark arts" that "inflicts excruciating pain on the victim". Pain was one that surprised me. It was mesmerizing once on the nail. So much depth and incredibly sparkly in the right light. Photos do not do Pain justice.
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

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Death is described as "a black jelly base loaded with green-gold micro flakes and green iridescent flakes".
Shown is three coats of Death.
Death is named for the Killing Curse (avada kadavra), a "tool of the dark arts" that "causes instantaneous death when cast on a living person or creature". As a lover of all things green, this was a no brainer for me to fall in love with. Whether you like green or not, I dare you to not fall for it.
B-Sticky and B-Shiny were used on all swatches. 

Each of these had a wonderful formula and application. No bald spots or pulling. No fishing for glitter or flakes. Seriously, not a bad thing to say about these. You need all three. It would be unforgivable if you didn't get all three. (See what I did there? haha)

The No Forgiving You Now Collection will be releasing July 3, 2015 at 7 pm EST for $8 per bottle. If you didn't snag them two weeks ago, The Name is Everything Collection is still available for $8 per bottle.

I'll have swatches of the final Harry Potter inspired collection, the What Ailment'll It Be? Collection, for you all in 2 weeks!

What do you think of this trio? Any favorites?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review and photography. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)


Amy L said...

Shut up! I love this trio so much.

Lacqueredmama said...

OOh! I love all three, but I think Pain is my fav!

Melissa said...

Pain is beautiful. I love the flakes in these.

Tracey said...

I wasn't too sure of these in the bottle pics, but on your nails they are all beautiful x

Polished Hippy said...

Death is the one for me!

Jen Sky Walker said...

This trio is perfect! I like Death the most, but the other two are gorgeous as well.

Polished Techie said...


Tiffany ~ PolishandPaws said...

Wow!! Death is to die for! LOL It would be wouldn't it :)

Blingfinger said...

Great swatches and super nice flakies!

loveforlacquer said...

Beautiful job swatching these! They are so unique!

acidicice said...

I think Death is my favourite :) Great swatches!

The Mercurial Magpie said...

"It would be unforgivable if you didn't get all three." Hahaha!!! Lovely swatches :D

Karen Pish.posh.polish said...

Ermahgerdddddd I love them!

Nichole C said...

your macros are amazing

Bethany"BNailedToPerfection" said...

Lovely polishes, a bit too dark for me but I love the inspiration for them.

Amanda R said...

Great swatches. Dark inspiration 😉 love Harry Potter

Lustrous Lacquer said...

I love that she came out with this dark collection during the summer. They are really standing out against the sea of neons right now. Pain was my favorite after reading another review and its still up there but your photos of Servitude are making me take a second and third look at it.

PhD in Nail Polish said...

Loooooove the Harry Potter gifs! Also this collection is killing it with the theme. Somehow the dark and the flakies just scream "mysterious curse." I love seeing inspiration come to life in nail polish like this. LynB Designs is just so good at it too! She knows all my happy fandoms!

Roselynn787 said...

Ahhh more HP love! I love how dark these are, it's nice to see darker shades after so much neon lately lol. Fantastic swatches.

Tanya Payne said...

This trio is beautiful, I especially love Pain.

The Polished Mommy said...

Love the depth these have, so pretty!

Manna's Manis said...

Beautiful. I love servitude

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