Londontowne Spring 2015 Partial Collection Swatch and Review

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You guys! I feel terrible!! I swatched these beautiful polishes from Londontowne and did a longevity test and somehow I lost the photos. No worries though, because I found them and all is right in the world. These are from their Spring 2015 collection, but they are still available and trust me, you're going to love them!! There is a lot to cover so we are jumping in! 

Per their website, Londontowne is a "prestige line of superior nail care systems and enhanced, "5-free", treatment infused high-pigment lacquers. Combining cutting-edge bioscience with high fashion, our exclusive collection ofkur (enriched nail care systems) and lakur (long-lasting, high-performance lacquers) feature a proprietary blend of nourishing and restorative natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and flower oils from the iconic gardens of Britain, where we were born. With our unique two-step approach of strengthening and nourishing your nail (from the matrix to the tip) and infusing our premium lacquers with powerful, healing ingredients, LONDONTOWN is dedicated to detoxifying your nail care routine - one coat at a time! All products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.".
Bespoked is a pale eggshell cream.
Shown is three coats of Bespoked.

Love Bite #9 is a perfect, light pink cream.
Shown is three coats of Love Bite #9.

Reverse the Charges is a bright, robins egg blue cream.
Shown is three coats of Reverse the Charges.

Picadilly Square is a vibrant, tomato red cream.
Shown is three coats of Picadilly Square.

Glasgow Glamour is a clear based polish filled with matte white and matte baby pink micro glitter.
Shown is three coats of Glasgow Glamour.

Cheshire Plains is a clear based polish filled with matte white and matte sky blue micro glitters.
Shown is three coats of Cheshire Plains.

Manchester Nights is a clear based polish with matte baby pink and matte red micro glitters.
Shown is three coats of Manchester Nights.
Over all, I love these! The creams had a spectacular application. Slightly streaky with the first coat, but perfect after that. The glitters cooperated and weren't finicky like some glitters can be. Perfect formulas and not a bad thing to say about them. The price is a little steep at $16 per bottle, but this is absolute quality. I was very impressed!

Along with the above polishes, I was sent their Nail Hardener and Nourishing Cuticle Oil to review.
I used the Nail Hardener with all the above swatches and it made a great base coat. I've continued to use it and have found a fantastic difference in my nails. They are chipping less and getting extremely long (since these photos were taken). It is available for $25. The Nourishing Cuticle Oil is lovely. It has a soft sent and really smooth. It took a little longer to soak into my nails than I normally like, but I have consistently used it and really enjoy it. It is available for $25

In addition to the review, I was asked by Londontowne to do a longevity test. I found a good combination using all the products sent and did a mani I would be happy with for a long time. I normally don't have a mani on for more than 1-2 days at a time. This was new for me.

I started with two coats of Nail Hardener. Then I applied three coats of Reverse the Charges on my pinky, three coats of Love Bite #9 on my ring and middle fingers, three coats of Picadilly Square on my pointer finger, and three coats of Bespoked on my thumb. Once all that was dry, I decided to add the glitter toppers. I applied one coat of Cheshire Plains on my pinky and thumb, one coat of Glasgow Glamour on my ring and middle fingers and thumb, and one coat of Manchester Nights on my pointer finger and thumb. After that, I applied top coat and Nourishing Cuticle Oil and was good to go. 

Ready to see how it held up?
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9
There you have it! It lasted 8 days and a lot of nail growth. That is a lot longer than I would normally keep a mani on. However, if I had to do a mani for a vacation and couldn't bring touch ups, this would be the way to go! It had great staying power. Between the quality and the staying power, you're really getting a lot for your money with these. 

Londontowne's summer collection is already available so check those out too. These were quite impressive and I can't wait to try more! What do you think? Was there one that jumped out at you?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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