Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SinfulColors Street Fusion Collection Partial Swatch and Review

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I've got some lovelies from SinfulColors Summer 2015 Street Fusion Collections. There are three separate collections that make up the Street Fusion Collections: Bombay NightsTokyo Lights, and Latin Heat. I've got some from each of those sets to show you all today. Some ups and some downs, but overall SinfulColors killed it! Take a peek!
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom is described as "a metallic petal pink".
Shown is three coats of Cherry Blossom.
Cherry Blossom had a smooth and perfect application. No issues whatsoever. It does get a little messy when removing though so soak the nail a bit instead of rubbing it.
From the Tokyo Lights set.

Baila Baila
Baila Baila is described as "a clear based peach and royal blue confetti flakes".
Shown is two coats of Baila Baila over Cherry Blossom.
Baila Baila is my favorite glitter that I received this time around. The color combination is a lot of fun. Peach, royal blue, pale spring green, and white glitters dance in a clear base. 
From the Latin Heat set.

Keira Blu
Keira Blu is described as "a dazzling indigo".
Shown is three coats of Keira Blu.
Keira Blu has to be the most dazzling metallic blue I've laid my eyes on. It just glows. Like Cherry Blossom, it makes a mess when removing so soak the nail instead of rubbing it.
From the Tokyo Lights set.

Color Tag
Color Tag is described as "a rich navy with pastel glitter".
Shown is one coat of Color Tag over Keira Blu.
Color Tag is a clear based topper with many shapes and sizes of matte black glitter with light blue, royal blue, yellow, peach, and spring green matte glitter. The colored glitter is a little tough to get out of the bottle, but when you get them out it makes a world of difference.
From the Graffiti Bomb set.

Sky Tree
Sky Tree is described as "a sparkling teal".
Shown is three coats of Sky Tree.
Sky Tree is my favorite, by far, of the 6 polishes I received this time around. It is gorgeous and had a perfect application. However, it does stain, so double up on base coat. 
From the Tokyo Lights set.

Fierce Fiesta
Fierce Fiesta is described as "a multi-hued red, pink, and yellow confetti".
Shown is one coat of Fierce Fiesta over Sky Tree.
Fierce Fiesta is such a fun glitter topper. It truly is a fiesta. The only downside for me is the large hexes look like they should have been white and it was dyed pink from bleeding red glitter. Either way, it's a lot of fun! Glitter wasn't difficult getting out of the bottle.
From the Latin Heat set.

Foiled Again
Foiled Again is described as "lustrous rose gold appliques".
Shown are the Foiled Again appliques over my naked nails.
Foiled Again was not my cup of tea. I am not an applique fan. I had a difficult time sizing these to my nails and they were difficult to work with. This is coming from someone who doesn't enjoy them. If you're one who does enjoy them, and knows how to work with them, these might be for you.
From the Bombay Nights set.

SinfulColors just keeps getting better and better (with the exception of those appliques). And with the peeks I've seen into their upcoming collections...that statement still holds true! 

All these and more are available at select Walgreens locations for $1.99. Some of these are limited editions so get them while you can!

What do you all think of these? Did you grab any? Any you are looking forward to in SinfulColors' future?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)


Kim - Lacquered Geek said...

I haven't seen these yet but I will definitely be picking up Sky Tree! It's gorgeous!

ingegerd karlsson said...

i just love those!!!

Nichole C said...

It is too bad I don't see Sinful Colors more often in stores. These are interesting.

Tiffany ~ PolishandPaws said...

These are great, I agree with you on the appliques though. I love polish, not stickers! :)

Angel - twi_star said...

Every time Im at Walgreens I pick up Baila Baila, I need to just get it already lol Great swatches!

Melissa said...

I always pass over Sinful Colors. Time to give them another shot.

Roselynn787 said...

The foil tips are really interesting, I haven't seen them in stores yet though. Baila Baila looks like a great topper too, such a fun color combo.

Tracey said...

Beautiful colours and swatches, just a shame it's not readily available in the UK x

Nadia Mamaheartspolish said...

I don't care much for the glitters but I need all of the other ones. I love that shimmery/glass fleck/sorta metallic finish these have.

Monica Moran said...

These are great! Cannot wait to run into them in stores

PolishedPath said...

I think you did a great job on the foil tips, they look super fun. And I NEED that Fiesta polish! I love bar glitter!

Polished Hippy said...

Sky Tree is also pretty. I think I prefer Sinful cremes in that shade range, though.

Jen Sky Walker said...

Baila Baila is such a fun glitter topper! I think I need to pick up that one in particular.

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

I really like that SinfulColors has such a great color selection, especially for $1.99 a bottle.

Karen Pish.posh.polish said...

Sky Tree is beautiful! I'd love to see it matted!

PhD in Nail Polish said...

I like Fierce Fiesta! Thanks for the warning about staining and removal on some of these. It's always good to know!

Manna's Manis said...

SC has some of the best toppers!

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