Lorelei Lacquer Walking Dead Duo Swatch and Review

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Yesterday, I showed you all the gorgeous Lorelei's Sirens group custom, Don't Cut Your Ear Off. She's Not Worth It. Today, I've got Lorelei Lacquer's Walking Dead Duo to show you all. These might be too pretty to be Walking Dead inspired. I can't really talk because I've never seen the show, but these are absolutely gorgeous! Let's get to it!


Don't Open
Don't Open is a clear based polish with UCC flakies that shift from purple to green to blue to gold, metallic purple hexes, purple holo dots, as well as lilac and black shards.
Shown is three coats of Don't Open.
I probably could have done a fourth coat of Don't Open, but it really is gorgeous. I had no issues getting glitter or anything out of the bottle. This is is jam packed full of good stuff.

Dead Inside
Dead Inside is a bright fuchsia linear holo.
Shown is one coat of Dead Inside.
Yes, Dead Inside is a one coater! Freaking incredible with a wonderfully smooth formula.
in direct light
in direct light
in direct light

What kind of polish blogger would I be if I didn't layer the two? Of course I did! Here is one coat of Don't Open over one coat of Dead Inside.

I don't watch the show, but these are so much fun! Do you need these? Yes, my recommendation would be you buy them as soon as they are restocked. They should be restocked at some point today. 

The Walking Dead Duo will only be available in a pair, not separately. The full sized duo will be available for $20 and the mini duo will be $13

I am loving all the one coaters that have been coming out lately. But is this really what zombie nails look like? If so, I might need to start walking The Walking Dead. haha What do you all think of this duo? Up your alley?

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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