Zoya Flair Collection Swatch and Review

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I've got another beautiful collection from Zoya to show you all on this Monday. This time, it's the Flair Collection. I'm always more of a fan of Zoya's creams, but the Flair Collection did it's fair share of impressing me. Which is a big deal for me. This finish isn't normally a favorite. Let's take a look...shall we?

Tris is described as "a blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal".
Shown is two coats of Tris.

Cinnamon is described as "a classic bronze liquid metal".
Shown is two coats of Cinnamon.

Giada is described as "a purple liquid metal with a hint of fuchsia pearl".
Shown is two coats of Giada.

Ember is described as "a deep, fiery red liquid metal with enough blue for it to be wearable for all skintones".
Shown is two coats of Ember.

Aggie is described as "a gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter".
Shown is three coats of Aggie.

Estelle is described as "a blue on blue liquid metal with blackened base".
Shown is two coats of Estelle.

The Flair Collection is so well rounded. The colors are vibrant and application was smooth. Each is available for $9 or get the whole collection for $54Zoya just keeps getting better and better. Every year they out do themselves. I'll have another collection to show you all this week or next week. But I'm already curious what they have planned for our nails next year.

Of course I have my favorites (Aggie, Cinnamon, and Estelle), but what are yours? How far in advance do you start day dreaming about future collections? I'm so excited for whatever Zoya has in store for Spring 2016!

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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