OPI California Dreaming Partial Collection Swatch and Review

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OPI recently sent me half of their California Dreaming Collection to swatch and review. I have been head over heels for this collection since I first saw it. A beautiful group of colors that wonderfully represents the Golden State. OPI was my first love way back when I was 13. The first polishes I ever purchased were from my local Claire's. They just didn't do what I needed/wanted them to do. I saved up and bought some OPI polishes and have been hooked ever since. Not once have they ever let me down. It's been a very long time since I purchased that first OPI polish, but I'm still impressed with what they put out. I love that they treated this collection like a map for a road trip. I'm so very excited to show these to you. Perfect Summer basics.

Sweet Carmel Sunday is a glistening gold metallic shimmer.
Shown is two coats of Sweet Carmel Sunday with top coat.
Carmel: Stop 3 - "Just up the Monterey peninsula sits an underrated town called Carmel-by-the-Sea. The very cool Carmel is known for its booming art industry and romantic ambience, ranked by Travel + Liesure as the number 3 most romantic city in the world in 2014. We set on to enjoy that Sweet Carmel Sunday, wining, dining, and appreciating the aesthetics. From unbelievable ocean views to charming cottages, inviting galleries and unique boutiques, everywhere we looked we saw works of art."

Malibu Pier Pressure is a cotton candy pink creme.
Shown is two coats of Malibu Pier Pressure with top coat.
Malibu: Stop 9 - "Bon voyage au beach! Cue The Mamas and Papas, we were ready to be safe and warm in LA. We finally got to give into Malibu Pier Pressure, heading back to our intended first stop. As we drove through Malibu's winding mountain roads, passed secluded sands and stunning residential architecture, our collection came alive around us. The skies gradient glowed from deep merlot, rich red, and colorful coral to peach, perfect pinks and naturally iridescent nudes."

GPS I Love You is a sweet, bright, fuchsia creme.
Shown is two coats of GPS I Love You with top coat.
Can't have a road trip without a GPS - "Steph 'looks for inspiration in things that are not typically fashion or beauty related: nature, texture, patterns...' So we hit the road to explore the destinations (and detours) inspiring our summer shades. From sweet sunsets to hazy costal mornings, we're about to bring you along front seat for the ride! If you ever get lost, remember, GPS (We) Love You."

Time For a Napa is a bubbly, hot coral, orange creme.
Shown is two coats of Time For a Napa with top coat.
Napa: Stop 7 - "It felt like Time For a Napa or maybe some rosé. Known for its 400 plus wineries, super-luxe spas, and bubbly bed-and-breakfasts, we ended up in Napa Valley."

Santa Monica Beach Peach is a punchy, orange creme.
Shown is two coats of Santa Monica Beach Peach with top coat.
Santa Monica: Stop 10 - "A seaside escape a bit more boisterous, we headed to show off some Santa Monica Beach Peach, maybe even Instagram it. The pier is a place of fun in the sun with its iconic ferris wheel, boozy beach bars, and hundreds of daily visitors. Having rained on the days before, we sat on a clear and cloudless afternoon surrounded by surfers and Santa Monica beach babes. Yet again, we set our sights on another beautifully luminous sunset."

Me, Myselfie & I is a bright, coral, red creme.
Shown is two coats of Me, Myselfie & I with top coat.
Los Angeles: Stop 1 - "From the fashion district to the film industry, Los Angeles is the land of creativity and culture. Abundant with transplants and immigrants, the City of Angels is anything but a homogenous hub. Customs collide to create this sprawling urban stretch of delicious delicacies and endless opportunity. Naturally, we started in Hollywood, the home of OPI. From wanna-be starlets to world renown superstars, it is also the home of Me, Myselfie & I."

Each of the polishes from the California Dreaming Collection that I used had such a wonderful formula and application. These beauties practically apply themselves. Just when I thought I had fallen in love with one, I'd apply another color and start swooning all over again. For someone who is anti-summer, I really loved these! Beautiful, vibrant colors, amazing formulas, and trustworthy brand. Can't go wrong! They are highly pigmented so I'd imagine these even stamp beautifully!

The California Dreaming Collection is available to purchase now in stores and online. To find a retailer near you, go HERE. Make sure you are following OPI on all of their social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news and releases!

What do you all think about the Summer collection?! I can't seem to have enough of their creams. I love that they will never let me down. What collections would you like to see from OPI in the future?

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**The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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