June Julep Maven Box

12:34 PM

 So, I got a little upset for a while because for the 2nd month in a row one of my Julep Maven items. It wasn't extremely late, but I received my add-ons well before the actual box. Oh well! Imagine my surprise when I got to my mail box 2 days ago and I saw this...

:o) The Golden Box!! It IS real!! 

I got so giddy!! My daughter is laughing and playing and having a wonderful time on the playground and all I can think about is getting back home so I can see what's inside!! Here is what I found when I got home...

**WARNING** Picture heavy!!

 YAY!! So exciting!!

 mmmmm Pixie Stix! yummy!

All my goodies!

 Daylight Defense Lip Balm

 Daylight Defense for hands and face

 10 lovely ladies!

American Beauty - Lily and Courteney

It Girl - Sandra, Morgan and Sasha

Classic With A Twist - Claire and Lauren

Boho Glam - Robin and Daisy

Bombshell - Morgan (again, same bottle) and Rose

I am so excited about everything in this box. The colors are amazing!! I'm still in shock that I got the Golden Box this month. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

Did I forget to mention that this box was completely free? I had a free month when I had people sign up using my link and this is what I got with it. I can't believe it!

Can't wait to test out all the beauties!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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