July Julep Maven

6:05 PM

I got my July Julep Maven box today!!! The box was smaller than usual. I was ok with that, because i knew exactly what was inside!! 

As soon as I opened the box, I was hit in the face with the smell of cinnamon!! 

FIREBALLS!!! I haven't had these since I was little. I was so excited to see these!!

Julep - Daphne, Mila, Kate and America

Everyone got a FREE extra polish in their box this month. Depending on where you were you got America or O Canada (which you'll see when my add-on box arrives). 

Daphne - Julep's website says "A fresh seafoam green creme". I haven't tried it on yet, but that is NOT what it looks like in the bottle. It definitely looks like it's on the "dusty" side. I will be able to confirm this when I try it on.

Mila - Julep's website says "Charcoal, multi-colored glitter". I think the charcoal is referring to the base the glitter is in. In the bottle it looks clear, but if it's charcoal that would be beautiful!! Once again, when I swatch these, we'll find out!! 

Kate - Julep's website says "Soft white pearl". That's exactly what it looks like in the bottle. When I swatch it, we'll find out how opaque it is.

America - Julep's website says "Shiny red with royal blue glitter and sterling silver stars". Beautiful description of it. There is silver glitter in it as well and I'm not seeing many star glitters. Maybe they are all hiding in the middle and they'll come out to play when I open the bottle!

LOVING this month's box and I can't wait for my add-ons to get here!! 

If you'd like to become a Maven, you can try your first box for a penny!! Just click here, take the quiz and use the code MAVENINTRO. After that, monthly boxes are $19.99 and well worth it!! 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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