Maggie's Corner #7 - I'm A Barbie Girl

1:01 PM

It's been a while since we did a Maggie's Corner. I think she's missed it too. When Maggie saw me painting my toes the other night she got SOOOOOO excited! She just had to have the exact same color. We are definitely feeling springy in this house as we both have bright Barbie pink toes now! This is probably my new favorite bright pink! The formula was AMAZING. So smooth! I did 2 coats on me and 1 coat on Maggie. I really probably could have just done 1 on mine. I was shocked. Nicole by OPI's All Kendall-ed Up from the Kardashian Kolors KCollection. If it's not in your stash, it should be! Now here are some cute Maggie toes that will help try to talk you into it! :o)

 No, the lighting didn't get better in my house while I was away. :o(

Trust me... GORGEOUS pink!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky and Maggie  :o)

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