Oooops Forgot something!

1:52 PM

How could I have forgotten these in my nail mail post yesterday?! 

A while back, Jess at Beauty Gnome told me she had been picking up some Sinful Colors polish for me which I was crazy excited about. Before she sent them though, I just HAD to check out her blog sale. Sure enough I saw a couple goodies I had to try.

Sinful Colors - Why Not, Big Daddy, All About You, Pinky Glitter, Irish Green, Neptune and Hottie

Revlon - Carbonite, Urban Outfitters - Afterhours, L'Oreal - Owl's Night, OPI - DS Treasure, DS Opulence, DS Limited and Fly

I decided I didn't want my Birchbox anymore, but before I could cancel I had credits I needed to use. I opted to get the Blogger Trio from Zoya. I've seen mixed reviews, but I'm a jelly lover so I was all over it! Plus, it's the only place you can get them! 

The packaging is so cute!

Cute card that says who helped create them and how they were inspired.

More packaging minus the ribbon.

Zoya - Coraline, Kate and Belle

Also, I snagged this Sinful Colors beauty on Copious for a penny! Gotta love that!

That's what I forgot in my last post. And I really have no idea how I forgot. :o( Until next time...

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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