NOTD - Julep Maven Golden Box Skittle Mani

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If you've been following my posts for the past week or so, you might have noticed that I received the Julep Golden Box. :o) There were 10 beautiful colors in the box, and I have 10 fingers... LIGHTBULB... skittle mani!!! There was no question about it, a skittle mani is what needed to be done! Now, the issue is what order am I going to put them in?! 

Left hand: pinky to thumb: Julep - Lily,  CourteneyRobinSandra and Sasha

 Lily - The Julep website says "Hot sizzling fuchsia creme" but it is most definitely a hot sizzling fuchsia jelly. I'm in love with this color. 3 coats went on smooth and I've had no chips and no tip wear after having this on for 2 days. 

 Courteney - The Julep website says "Key-lime green creme" and it's just that. It is a great color in the end. 2 coats went on streaky but dried smooth. No chips and no tip wear, except after 1 day at the pool, my finger is completely naked. :o( So, don't wear this color to the pool.

 Robin - The Julep website says "robin's egg blue creme". I could agree with that, but there's just something a little off. It's a beautiful color, but it doesn't scream robin's egg to me. 2 coats went on beautifully, no chips and no tip wear. I did have the same issues with this after being at the pool. It's half gone.

 Sandra - The Julep website says "Friendly, frosted magenta" and I thing that's beautifully said! 2 coats went on smooth and perfect. It's a beautiful color! However, I do have some tip wear, but just a little.

 Sasha - The Julep website says "fresh, cantaloupe melon creme" and I couldn't have described it better myself. It's such a lovely melon! 2 coats went on perfectly and i have no tip wear and no chips! 

Right hand: thumb to pinky: Julep - MorganClaireLaurenDaisy and Rose

 Morgan - The Julep website says "frosty grape purple" but I do believe it's more of a royal purple. It's so rich and elegant. 2 coats went on beautifully and I have no chips and no tip wear.

 Claire - The Julep website says "sky blue creme" and I agree! It's a beautiful bright blue. 2 coats went on streaky but dried smooth. Some tip wear but no chips. 

 Lauren - The Julep website says "hot tropical pink creme". It may be a hot tropical pink but it's not a creme, we have another jelly on our hands!! I love this color! (I see myself falling more and more in love with jellies every time I put one on!) 3 coats went on beautifully but I still have a small amount of visible nail line. Just a small amount of tip wear but no chipping! 

 Daisy - The Julep website says "A bright lemon yellow creme". It's a bright yellow creme, but I'm not sure how close to lemon yellow it is. It's great though! Yellows are hit or miss, this is a hit! 3 coats were smooth and no tip wear no chipping. It's beautiful!

Rose - The Julep website says "A juicy watermelon red creme", but once again it's a jelly. A juicy watermelon red jelly. 3 coats went on so easily! I only have 1 chip and no tip wear. 

All in all I'm in love with every single color!! They couldn't be more beautiful! The 4 jellies are by far my favorites, but I wouldn't give any of them back. I love this mani! So simple, but the colors were just meant to be together!

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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