NOTD - July Julep

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I haven't received a bad Julep Maven box yet, but something about this month's box was extra special. (Maybe it was all the glitter... or the extra polish everyone got...) I loved all my colors, but I knew some of them needed to be used so I could see them to their full potential. We all know that most some of the time looks can be deceiving in the bottle, and you just gotta slap it on to discover the truth! 

Julep - Daphne, Mila, Kate and America

Have you noticed that I love glitter?

2 coats of Julep - Daphne with Mila spread on top. Daphne is definitely NOT a seafoam green like the website says, but it's still gorgeous! And Mila is definitely NOT in a charcoal base. It's gorgeous though!

2 coats of Julep - Kate (probably could have used a 3rd) with Mila spread on top. So pretty! 

2 coats of Julep - America. So pretty and there was really full coverage at 1 coat, but I only ended up getting 1 star out and I was trying to get more. It didn't happen though. Only downside is it needs more stars. 

Another shot of Daphne and Mila. 

Gorgeous colors this month! I'm VERY anxious to get my add-on box. I really wish they'd arrive together! But, I guess the anticipation is part of the fun! :o)

If you've been thinking about becoming a Julep Maven but weren't sure about the $19.99 a month price tag, you can try your first month for a penny by clicking this link and using the code MAVENINTRO. 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky :o)

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