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So, I've had a few Zoya polishes that have been quietly calling to me, "USE US! UUUUUUUUUUSE US!" The only way I could think of getting them all to shut up was to use them all and do a skittle mani. Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE Zoya polishes? Well, I do. So what if I have to use 3 coats of some because its streaky or not opaque enough. The formulas and colors make up for any small issues that some of the polishes might have. My only complaint is that I don't own them all. It makes me quite sad actually. Maybe one day... *cue day dream*

Anyway... back to the skittle... 

Zoya - WednesdayLaraArizonaPippa (yes, I've used it before, but it was the only other color that went with the others cause I'm not ready to jump into my Birchbox Blogger Trio quite yet) and Renee

LOVE these colors!

2 coats of Wednesday and can I just say that I loved this color in the bottle, but even more so on my nail. Dusty colors are so pretty! Great formula, beautiful color that wasn't overpowering. So glad I snagged this one.

2 coats of Lara I like this one a lot more than I thought I would. When Zoya released their Beach & Surf CollectionsWednesday and Arizona were the only 2 that I knew I just HAD to have in my stash. I ended up finding a trio of them on Copious and had enough credits that I got all three for $2.45 so I figured it was worth taking the chance on Lara. Formula was great with no streaking or issues. It's just your basic hot pink. A girl can't ever have enough pink in their polish stash!! 

2 coats of Arizona. I love this orange. It reminds me of a creamsicle. On a side note... now I want a creamsicle... I hope the ice cream truck comes by soon. Once again, not disappointed. I was craving this for a reason and it just made me love it more. 

3 (probably should have used 4) coats of Pippa. She is a perfect daisy yellow. I love this polish for the color. Earlier when I was talking about streaking... this is the polish I was talking about. It's the only one I've had issues with, but honestly, I don't care. For the color, it's the best yellow in my stash. Plus, once you add the top coat it helps "fix" a little of the problem.

Lastly, 2 coats of Renee. Renee is the only jelly in this batch of cremes, but I needed a purple-ish color. This nail recently broke (hence why it's soooo much shorter than all my other nails), otherwise I probably would have done at least 3 coats to ensure I didn't have VNL. I picked this one up because I saw it in the clearance section at Ulta plus I had a coupon. Clearance section + coupon + jelly = MINE!!! We all know I don't hide my love for jelly polishes. I don't regret it one bit. So pretty. I love the raspberry color. I don't have many of this color in my stash so I welcomed it with open hands.

I topped each nail with 1 coat of Seche Vite. Once again, I loved this mani. So bright and playful and perfect for summer! I love manicures that put me in a good mood! Do you have a go to mani when you need to be put in a good mood?

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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