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I recently received my first VoxBox from Influenster. I got the Mom VoxBox. I hate to say that I was so excited about it... I totally forgot to take pictures. I know... shocking... I take so many pictures and I forgot to take a picture of the whole package. So, I'm sorry... I hate that I forgot, but I got a good box! That's why most of it is all gone! :o)

The one thing I hadn't used yet, I was really skeptical about this item. Impress Press-On Nails from Broadway Nails. I used to wear acrylic nails. I had weak nails and that was, what I thought, the only way to be able to have them even a little long and not break. When it came to press-on nails... you could say I turned my nose up at them. Now, that I don't use acrylics anymore, I still feel the same way, but now I just don't want to put anything that's not polish on my nails for fear of messing them up like they were with acrylics. Something told me to give these a try though. 

Cute packaging shaped like a nail polish bottle. It took me over 10 minutes to get into this package. I figured out that you twist off the "handle" early on. The problem was getting the base open. It didn't want to open at all. I honestly have no idea how I ended up getting into the bottle, but I did. Once I was in, I noticed these aren't hard nails. The nails are jelly. Like if you painted your nail with the most perfect jelly based polish, let it dry, and peeled it off your nail in 1 piece. That is what this is like. THAT I was impressed with. I also liked that the area that goes at the base of the nail was even softer than the rest of the nail so it wouldn't irritate the cuticle. 

See, not completely awful from this angle. The color is off though. They are actually a super glossy Barney purple color. Shape is nice and they aren't too long at all.

Easy application. They have little tabs that peel off easily, then you just place on your nail and press. 

Not very thick either. I like that my nails don't feel bulky. 

This is part of the thing I didn't like. The thumb nails were WAY shorter than the others. At least it feels that way to me. I sadly had to do a quick major shave down of my thumb nails. NOT happy about that at all. Also, on the tip of the nail, do you see the area right in the middle that looks a little rough? All the nails were like that. It looks like they were twisted off a pole, like fake nails used to do when I was little. Because of the jelly like substance the nails are made of, the only way to get rid of it would be if you had a matching color of nail polish to color it and paint over it. 

right hand

All in all they look good, but I would not purchase or use these items again. Do not like!! I won't go into it again here since I went into details under each picture. 

I'm now going to attempt to take these off and get this sticky stuff off my nails. 

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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