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Hello all! Sorry, I've been M.I.A. again lately. Since I'm sharing my husband's computer, I only get to use it when he's not home and he had all of last week off. Puts a damper on things, but it was nice having a little vacation for the holidays. I'm back at it, and guess what?! I got 2 light tents and 2 daylight lamps for my Christmas present!! I've got 3 posts that I had already taken pictures of before the light box, then after that, prepare yourself for an improvement on picture quality!!

So, my first post pack is the beautiful Zenith Collection from Zoya. These six colors are perfect shades for the winter season. Rich, bright and sparkly these shades will keep you warm or help you embrace the frigid temperatures outside.

Mosheen is described as "an astro ice blue topper.". It is a clear based glitter top coat filled with iridescent blue bars and micro holographic glitters.

Shown above is three coats on a naked nail. It has a beautiful application. The only thing I had to mess with were little bars hanging over the edge of my nail. Mosheen is fun and frosty and the perfect winter top coat. (My bottle didn't have the sticker on the bottom, which is why you simply see with word 'Mosheen' there.)

Seraphina is described as "a full-coverage, Polaris silver metallic". It is a soft, almost pearlescent, silver metallic. 

Shown above is two coats. If you look closely, there are small dark specks that give Seraphina more depth than my pictures could capture. I ended up liking Seraphina a lot more than I thought I was going to. I'm not usually a fan of silvers. Seraphina was bright and elegant and perfect.

Belinda is described as "a full-coverage cosmic purple metallic". This rich, royal purple is filled with flecks of pink and blue to add depth.

This is two smooth coats of Belinda. She might be my favorite of the six. It's vibrant and rich without being obnoxious. I wouldn't really call it a metallic though. There was no staining, which made me happy. I was nervous about that. Belinda is the perfect purple polish.

Cassedy is described as "a full-coverage celestial pewter metallic". This charcoal grey beauty is just that. No frills. A charcoal grey metallic polish.

Metallics normally don't do anything for me, but Zoya kills it every time with their metallics. Cassedy just might be my favorite metallic that they've ever done too. This is 2 coats. Full opacity and such a stunning color.

Dream is described as "a full-coverage deep space blue with holographic glitter". It is a beautiful deep blue jelly scattered with a galaxy like holo sparkle.

This is three thin coats of Dream. Wonderful application and no staining. Dream has skyrocketed to the top of my list as my favorite non PixieDust Zoya. It is absolutely mesmerizing.

Payton is described as "a full-coverage galactic cranberry with holographic glitter". This is a beautiful deep burgundy jelly scattered with holo sparkle.

This is three coats of Payton. The red counterpart to Dream's blue. The only reason Dream beat out Payton is because I'm ever so fond of blues. Both are must have polishes. 

All the beauties from the Zenith Collection are definitely worth adding to your stash. You can get individual bottles for $9 each or just grab the sampler and get the whole set for $54. 

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**These products were sent to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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