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Happy Friday, lovelies!! I'm very excited about today's post. I get to show you all a peek into a new company...NayllNayll is a custom "frankening" company. You create your own polishes on their site. Mix pigments together to make your own shimmer based polishes, or mix together some glitters for a fun topper. Not feeling very creative? They also have a range of jellies, cremes and premixed glitter polishes for you to choose from.

Nayll gave me the opportunity to create five polishes (two shimmers and three glitters) of my very own. I was so excited to get started!! I have a creative mind and love coming up with new polish ideas in my head, but when I sat at my computer to get started on this, I had a total brain fart. I had no idea where to start and I had zero inspiration. To get inspiration, I did what any sane person would do...I created a mini collection. Based off my favorite movie True Romance, I created two shimmers inspired by the main characters, and three glitter toppers based off secondary characters and one scene that has always stuck with me.

First up, the shimmers. When creating a shimmer polish, you get to choose from a clear based starter or one of fifteen colors of starter jelly bases. Opted to start with the clear based starter for both of mine. Once you've picked your base, you can choose up to three pigments, from their list of thirty, to add to the base. The scary side of it, is you have no idea how the colors you pick will mix until you receive the bottle. Then again, maybe that's the mystery of it all?! Before, or after, you've chosen your pigments, you even get to pick a name for your polish. The bases all start at $8 and the pigment is $0.15 each.

Ready to see what shimmers I came up with? (Notice in the collages, in the bottom right corner, how the names I've chosen are actually printed on the bottles and not on a sticker slapped to the bottom. I was super impressed with this feature.)

Clarence is inspired by the movie's hero, Clarence Worley. Clarence is a mixture of Carbon Black Shimmer and Red Violet Pearl Shimmer in a clear base. I was hoping for the black base to shift to a grey with flashes of red, but I ended up with purple. I like purple, so I'm ok with it, but it's not how I envisioned it in my head. This is three coats for full opacity. Shimmer based polishes don't like me. Every single one of them bubbles on me. I wait almost 10 minutes between coats too. (Takes me forever to paint my nails it seems.) Despite the bubbling, Clarence turned out to be a really cool shade of purple. 

Alabama is inspired by the movie's heroine, Alabama Whitman. Alabama is a mixture of Pink Coral Shimmer and Blue Pearl Shimmer in a clear base. This one ended up exactly as I thought it would...a stunning shade of pink with slight blue flashes. Definitely a super sheer shimmer, this is four coats for full opacity. Love this polish, even though it doesn't love me as much and still bubbled up. 

Source: TopShop

Next up are the glitters. The glitters were not as stressful to pick out. You have an idea of how they are going to go together and they aren't going to go crazy and create some shade that you weren't even imagining would happen. Like the shimmers, you can choose from a clear based starter or fifteen colors of starter jelly bases. Once you do that, you then get to pick a mixture of up to 10 glitters from their selection of 80 different glitters. The only thing you don't get to pick is the ratio. You have no idea how much of each glitter is going to be added. Therein lies the mystery of the glitters. Once you've got your selection of glitters finalized, choose your name, and you're done! The glitter bases start at $8 and the glitter is $0.40 each.

Ready to see how my glitters turned out?!

Clifford is inspired by Clarence's father, Clifford Worley. Clifford is a mixture of micro black and gold holographic hex, sea blue holographic squares, black and blue squares, and large red dots in a clear base. This is one coat of Clifford over A Girl Obsessed's But He Loves Pie and topped with Nayll's Smooth It Out glitter top coat. The glitter was very easy to work with and required no fishing or glitter placement. 

Source: MSN

Drexl is inspired by the villain of the movie, Drexl Spivey. Drexl is a mixture of green and yellow matte shards, micro violet holographic hex, violet holographic squares, and purple squares. Yes, there are micro and large orange hexes, but those weren't on my order form. I didn't add those. They must have thought I needed a little something more. It turned out great, but orange isn't a color that has to do with my inspiration so I was taken back a bit by that. Also, they left out the caramel squares I had originally selected to be in this polish. This is one coat of Drexl over A Girl Obsessed's But He Loves Pie and topped with Nayll's Smooth It Out glitter top coat. Another easy to work with glitter topper that didn't require fishing or glitter placement. 


It's Sort of a Tradition is inspired by a major scene in the film. It's the moment the two main characters first get to know each other. Alabama says to Clarence "It's sort of a tradition." about getting pie after seeing a movie. It's Sort of a Tradition is a mixture of large red dots, micro red holographic hex, and copper squares. It was also supposed to have micro copper hexes, but those didn't make it into the polish. This is one coat of It's Sort of a Tradition over A Girl Obsessed's But He Loves Pie (haha yeah, I know perfect!) and topped with Nayll's Smooth It Out glitter top coat. Easy to work with, but I had to fish for the red dots a bit on this one. Once I fished I would get a couple on the brush, but it wasn't annoying or hard to do. This was also the one topper with the smallest assortment of glitter.

Source: iamnotastalker

The over all picture, Nayll is a great concept. 16 different bases to choose from in the shimmer and glitter categories $8, 30 shimmer pigments $0.15, 80 different glitters $0.40, 4 different top coats $10-$12, 6 pre-made cremes $10, 5 pre-made glitter toppers $10, as well as another collection of 5 pre-made glitter toppers $10. There is something for everyone here. The prices have also gone down from when I ordered my customs. The bases started at $12 then and they are down to $8, so that's great news for all of you! They arrived very quickly, which surprised me since they are custom polishes. No, they don't have every pigment or glitter available. Their cremes and jellies look the same in pictures so I have a feeling they are just crellies.

If you're ok with the limitations and want to try your hand at creating your own polishes without the mess of it in your own home, you will love Nayll!! If you're one who wants the polish world at their fingertips and want to be able to have free range to all the pigment and glitter and variety you're best to try your own hand at creating polish or work with a indie. They all average out to be about the same price in the end. It was fun picking out the colors and glitters and coming up with jus the right combination. Despite the hiccups, the formulas were spot on and the glitter and everything was easy to work with. Before I typed this post, I did contact Nayll and let them know all the little problems I ended up having with this order. 

The shimmer swatches were topped with Magpie Shine top coat ($7) and I used Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6) to hydrate my cuticles. Both from A Girl Obsessed


I originally typed this post 2 weeks ago, and had emailed the owner of the company with all my little problems before I even sat down to type it. She was very apologetic and and in our talking I expressed a couple other issues that weren't major, but had me a little curious. I had mixed some pigments together and didn't get the color I thought I'd get and she took the time to show me how different pigments mixed together and helped talk me through getting the color I originally wanted. We talked about glitter and how some of the glitter didn't end up looking like the color it was on their site (she has since changed the names to the correct colors). She felt terrible about the mistakes and misunderstandings and told me to make 5 more polishes. I could redo the ones I already made or make completely different ones. I opted to make 5 completely different polishes. This time, Maggie helped and made 2 of them all on her own.

On top of the 5 polishes we made, I was also sent their Holy Holo top coat and their Gloss Killer matte top coat. So, be prepared for several more pictures!!

For Maggie is a combination of Night Sky Shimmer, Cabernet Shimmer, and Royal Purple Shimmer in a clear base. The swatches are two coats for full opacity. A smooth application, but I still got those silly bubbles for some reason. It only ever happens on plain shimmer polishes and I have no idea why. I adore the color on this and was blown away once I got up close to take the macro shots. This was a combination she did while helping me resolve issues with my previous order. I fell in love with it and knew it was one I needed to do. I named it For Maggie, because my daughter thinks that anything purple belongs to her. 

For Maggie with one coat of Gloss Killing matte top coat. This top coat is so milky it almost looks like a crelly. The smallest amount of this top coat does the trick and gets the job done.

For Maggie with one coat of Holy Holo top coat. This top coat is a clear base filled with specks of holographic glitter. Not so fine that it greys out whatever it tops, but just enough that it adds a dash of sparkle to whatever you're already wearing.

What the heck? I tossed on Gloss Killer over Holy Holo and got this outcome. I am really digging this combination. The holo and the matte contradict each other in the best way possible.

Nude-ish is the Sunkissed Beige Shimmer and Rose Gold Shimmer in the Sunkissed Beige Jelly. The swatches are three coats for full opacity. Because of my issues with the bubbling on shimmers, I picked the tinted jelly base. I have to say, it made a world of difference. Smooth application and zero bubbling. I am so glad I created Nude-ish. I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to turn out, but I love nude polishes and I had to try. This turned out perfectly! I have nothing like it in my collection. 

Nude-ish topped with Gloss Killer. I almost like this better than glossy! 

Nude-ish topped with Holy Holo.

Nude-ish topped with Holy Holo and Gloss Killer.

Gender Reveal Party is a mixture of small sea blue, turquoise, and pink holographic hex, medium sized sea blue and pink holographic squares, black diamonds and medium violet holographic hex in a hydrangea blue jelly base. The swatches are two coats for full opacity. So many of my friends have been getting pregnant and I thought it would be fun to have a polish that encompassed the fun of a gender reveal party. Trying something different with the jelly base and I couldn't have been more pleased with it. Filled with glitter, there was no issues fishing for anything or worrying about glitter placement.

Gender Reveal Party topped with Gloss Killer.

Gender Reveal Party topped with Holy Holo.

Gender Reveal Party topped with Holy Holo and Gloss Killer.

Mismatched Socks is a mixture of matte aqua flakies, large matte peach puree dots, small gold and silver holographic hex, turquoise holographic flakes, matte bubblegum pink dots, and large lavender dots in a clear base. The swatches show one coat over A Girl Obsessed But He Loves Pie. This is one that I let my daughter, Maggie, create. She chose all the glitters on her own, as well as the name. She is always wearing different colored socks and drew inspiration from the colors she had on that day (see photo below). I think she did a phenomenal job picking everything out. It applied beautifully and required zero clean up, fishing, or placement. 

Mismatched Socks topped with Gloss Killer.

Mismatched Socks topped with Holy Holo.

Mismatched Socks topped with Holy Holo and Gloss Killer.

Maggie's Rainbow Song is a mixture of medium sized ruby red holographic squares, medium orange hex, large matte banana yellow dots, matte green flakes, medium sized blue squares, medium sized purple squares, violet holographic hex, small gold and silver holographic hex glitters in a clear base. The swatch shows one coat over A Girl Obsessed But He Loves Pie. Maggie's Rainbow Song is another one that Maggie created. She loves rainbows and made up a song about them about a year and a half ago. She's always singing it. It was only appropriate that she make a rainbow glitter topper. The formula on this was a bit thicker, but man-oh-man is this beauty full of glitter! 

Maggie's Rainbow Song topped with Gloss Killer.

Maggie's Rainbow Song topped with Holy Holo.

Maggie's Rainbow Song topped with Holy Holo and Gloss Killer.

The new polishes are fantastic!! Definitely redeemed anything that happened with the original five polishes. The customer service at Nayll is hands down one of the best I've dealt with from a non-indie company. They were quick to respond to emails, to pinpoint where the problems were, in fixing the problems and getting everything resolved. I'm beyond amazed at the kindness and efficiency I experienced. If you are planning on purchasing from Nayll and you're curious about something, don't feel bad about emailing them and asking them a question. They are a new company and really want to put out the best product. Since it is also a custom, they expect the polish to get to you looking as you want it to look.

In addition to the custom polishes, I used three different top coats from Nayll. The Smooth It Out glitter top coat was used in all the glossy swatches. It applies well and smooths out bumps left from glitter. It is available here for $10. The Gloss Killer matte top coat is fantastic. A little goes a long way. It dries quickly and effectively mattes glitters as well as the shimmers. I'm sure it works just as well on a creme based polish. It is available here for $11. The Holy Holo top coat is a beautiful alternative to the crazy spectraflair filled toppers so many people are going crazy for at the moment. It adds a bit of umph without overpowering the polish you're adding it to. It is available here for $12

I recommend Nayll. They take care of their customers and put a lot of care into their products. Their prices aren't that much off from an indie company's prices. If you're looking to get a custom made and you want to be a bit more hands on than having an indie make it for you, look into Nayll. I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

I used Sweet Nectar cuticle oil ($6) to hydrate my cuticles. Both from A Girl Obsessed

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**The featured product in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review and replacements for wrong products. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky   :o)

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