OPI OPI..Eurso Euro Swatch and Review

8:34 AM

**Purchased by me**

Since yesterday's post was so long, I decided to keep it short and sweet today. I recently came across this stunning OPI at Sally Beauty. I went in to find some of the discontinued China Glaze polishes. They had pulled them all off the shelf and dumped them into a shopping basket. I was browsing through the basket and this stunning blue kept catching my eye. 

OPI OPI...Eurso Euro is a rich dark blue creme.
Shown is two coats 

OPI...Eurso Euro is now in my top 5 favorite blue creams. It is the Mary Poppins of polish...practically perfect in every way. It is from an older collection so it might be hard to find. If you find it, grab it. I need to hunt down a back up now. 

Do you own this or any others from the European Collection? What are your thoughts?

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**Purchased by me**

Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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