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On this lovely Tuesday morning, I get to bring a new indie to your attention. JessLacquer may have opened up shop in June, but her upcoming OMFG "Oh My Flakie Goodness" Collection is the collection that is sure to put her on the up and coming list. As I was swatching, each one was more incredible than the last. She put a lot of love into this collection and it shows. The OMFG Collection is a set of seven polishes in a mix of finishes: toppers, creams, crellies, and jellies. Not a bad one in the bunch!

I'm super excited about JessLacquer. Not just the polishes, it turns out she lives not too far from me. She asked me to swatch for her, I agreed and sent her my info. Then one evening my husband and I went to take the pup for a walk and there was a package on my front porch without postage. My husband's first words were "Okay, this polish thing is starting to get creepy.", but my first thought was "I've got a polish fairy!" So excited to find out there is someone so near! Now, are you ready to finally see these?!
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Teal the Last Leaf Turns
Teal the Last Leaf Turns is described as "a teal cream polish with teal/green multichrome flakies and pink/gold multichrome flakies".
Shown is two coats of Teal the Last Leaf Turns with top coat.
Teal the Last Leaf Turns blew me away! It was fully opaque in one coat. I only added the second coat to get a nice layering of the flakies. Fantastic formula, a brush that was easy to manipulate, no clean up, no issues.
Named by @wildflower_eyes.

Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath is described as "a grey tinted jelly with teal/green multichrome flakies".
Shown is three coats of Dragon's Breath with top coat.
One of my favorites from this collection, Dragon's Breath is such a classy, unique polish. Slightly tinted base, beautiful flakies, great formula. In my eyes, it's perfection. 
Named by @kimberz613.

Rain Makes the Grass Grow
Rain Makes the Grass Grow is described as "a teal/green multichrome flakie topper".
Shown is one coat of Rain Makes the Grass Grow over Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Pink Bloomers.
Rain Makes the Grass Grow is the only topper in this collection. Smooth formula, and a great combination of large and small flakes. Add extra flakie goodness to polishes with flakies already in them, or jazz up a beautiful cream for an elegant look.
Named by @jenn_hop.

Flake Me Away
Flake Me Away is described as "a light blue cream polish with metallic sky blue glitter, teal/green multichrome flakies, and pink/gold multichrome flakies".
Shown is two coats of Flake Me Away with top coat.
Flake Me Away is a breath of fresh air. The perfect baby blue cream filled with a great combo of glitter and flakies. Smooth application despite all the glitter and flakies in it.
Named by @hottmama_of4.

MagentAH is described as "a deep magenta jelly polish with pink/purple/gold multichrome flakies and a hidden pink glow".
Shown is three coats of MagentAH with top coat.
MagentAH will make you absolutely giddy! You've got the squishy jelly we all love, with a stunning combinations of flakies and flashes of a metallic pink glow. It quickly became another favorite of mine from this collection. 
Named by @lovevarnish.

Speckled Taffy
Speckled Taffy is described as "a deep mauve cream polish with pink/purple/gold multichrome flakies".
Shown is two coats of Speckled Taffy with top coat.
Speckled Taffy will have you licking your lips. Such a smooth and creamy formula that spreads on your nails like butter.
Named by @thepolishedowl.

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust is described as "a light grey crelly with holographic glitter, pink/purple/gold multichrome flakies, and teal/green multichrome flakies".
Shown is three coats of Fairy Dust with top coat.
OMFG at this polish. I just can't even... Such a wonderfully unique combination of everything. Each coat added something magical...not just opacity. Pictures don't do it justice.
Named by @limpinlyndsay.
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The OMFG Collection will be released Saturday, August 29th for $5 a bottle or $30 for the full set of 7. Minis won't be available with this collection. I highly doubt you'll miss the minis with these though. 

I'm beyond pleased with JessLacquer and can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. In the mean time, this meme pretty much sums up how your wallets should feel. What do you all think about this collection? Any favorites?

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Happy Polishing!!

Becky  :o)

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